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The Return of ‘Wet Moon’ (Volume 7) by Sophie Campbell

The Magic of Sophie Campbell Returns with Wet Moon: Morning Cold


PORTLAND, OR.— For the first time in five years, celebrated writer, artist, and Eisner Award Special Recognition nominee, Sophie Campbell, returns with the final volume of the critically-acclaimed, Wet Moon Book 7: Morning Cold, on November 14th, 2018.

Trilby is finally out of the hospital, but she feels anything but ready to face daily life again. Even though Myrtle is in prison and Trilby is safe, everything is different and nothing feels right...

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Wet Moon Vol 1

As Cleo Lovedrop heads off for college at the local art school, an unseen social assailant spreads slander about her, she is forced to deal with her two brusque roommates, and discovers unsolved mysteries about the girl who lived in her room previously. As the moon grows full and lunar rays shine down, lunacy and moon-calves run free. 

College can be a difficult transition. My first two years (out of three hundred) I lived on campus, spending my time binge drinking and not studying. My time on campus was not met with nearly as much mystery and intrigue as Wet Moon, though. No one spread any rumors about me, I didn’t have any mysteries about my dorm room (other than the barbecue sauce stain on the heater), and there wasn’t a guy that smelled like hot dogs following me around everywhere...

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