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Schlock Mercenary Book 14

Broken Wind
Written and Illustrated by Howard Tayler
Colors by Travis Walton

Bonus Story: Memorabilia Maximized
Written by Howard Taylor
Illustrated by Ben McSweeney

Last year I had the pleasure of reviewing the Planet Mercenary RPG and what was (when I picked it up) the most current print collection of Schlock Mercenary, Book 13: Random Access Memorabilia. So when the opportunity to grab Books 14 and 15 came up, it was a no brainer.

The most important thing to remember is that Schlock Mercenary is a daily webcomic. While it isn’t limited to the restrictions of a daily strip in a print newspaper, Howard Taylor usually keeps many of those conventions. Schlock Mercenary usually runs a single-tiered strip Monday to Saturday, with a longer strip on Sundays. 

Why does any of that matter...

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Krampus Is My Boyfriend

It’s December 5, do you know what that means? IT’S KRAMPSNACHT! What? You don’t know Krampus or Krampusnacht? Fair enough, his notoriety in North America still limited, but steadily growing. Krampus is a figure from pre-christian, Central European, folklore with the appearance of a demonic satyr. He traditionally comes on Dec 5, Krampusnacht (literary: Krampus Night, but no one actually uses the translation.) to punish bad kids ahead of Saint Nicolas’s arrival on Dec 6.

I like to think of him as more aggravating to the #WarOnChristmas crowd than Starbuck cups, less problematic than Zwarte Piet, and as good a transition from Halloween to Christmas as Jack Skellington. Everyone needs a little more Krampus.

Anywho, when I can I like to review a Krampus comic every year...

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Planet Mercenary RPG

I feel like I’ve won the RPG lottery lately. The last few games I’ve reviewed have been some of the most stellar I’ve read in ages. Planet Mercenary is no different. Actually, that’s not true. It’s something completely different.

Last week I posted a review on Book 13 of the Schlock Mercenary webcomic that Planet Mercenary takes place in, over on Geekorama.net. There are lots of games based on comics, but Planet Mercenary is based literally IN the comic. As in, you aren’t just playing a game about the characters in the comics, you ARE the characters in the comic, playing this game. The game is written from the point of view of weapons retailer Planet Mercenary, as a way for their customer’s hired grunts to learn how to not die in combat, by roleplaying constantly dying in combat.

That comb...

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Schlock Mercenary Book 13

Random Access Memorabilia
Written and Illustrated by Howard Tayler
Colors by Travis Walton
Margin Art by Keliana Tayler

Bonus Story: The Roboticist’s Apprentice
Written by Sandra Tayler and Bob Defendi
Illustrated by Michael Mayne
Lettered by Howard Tayler

Weekly webcomics are hard. A Daily Webcomic is harder. Trying to find a good balance between daily punchlines, and a roughly year-long story arc is even harder still. With Schlock Mercenary, Howard Tayler not only does it, but has managed to do it so long that his early Schlock Mercenary strips can now vote, and get drunk anywhere in Canada. Given the way the comic often goes, not necessarily in that order…

Random Access Memorabilia is not the start of the Schlock Mercenary story, it’s not the most recent story either...

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Theatrics Webcomic

Although there are nowhere near as many as their print companions, webcomics are all over the place. Quite literally when you think about it. I’ve read a handful over the years, spotted even more with intentions of reading them. One that came my way recently struck my interest enough to want to read it given the name attached to it. Earlier this year I got to do a beta of a new format for reading Twisted Dark and that’s one title that I loved from the start. That gave me more than enough faith in Neil Gibson delivering again, and I took that faith and ran with it as I cracked into the Theatrics webcomic.

As so fittingly put in the comic, the curtain opens and the stage is set in th 1920s aka the prohibition era...

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