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Vampblade #4

Now that Katie has learned more about Vampblade, and why killing space vampires feels oh so good, it’s time for both to return to the other-dimensional nest to score a big hit. Can Katie pull off her bold double life gamble, and if she does hack her way out of this showdown with the grotesque parasitic horde, will she be irrevocably changed?!?

As I begin, I find it amusing that it took me this long to realize the irony of my thirst to read more of this series between each issue. Maybe it’s just me, but given the kind of book it is, that just seems funny to me. That aside, why don’t we just get to the important part of this review for the fourth issue of Vampblade.

With as much “research” into the situation as she can possibly gather, Katie decides it’s time to take the fight to the sp...

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Vampblade #3

As the chaotic new world around comic shop employee turned other-dimensional vampire slayer, Vampblade, starts to come into focus, things continue to be both crazy-weird and stupid-lethal for our blade-brandishing bad girl! And when you’re a 90s comic book character come to life, meeting your “creator” can be a bit meta too…

I’m sure quite a few of us can admit to wanting to be a superhero. Or maybe even more. Heck, I wouldn’t mind superpowers now if I could have them. One of the last things that our “hero” would have ever wanted was to become Vampblade for real as we see more evident in the third issue. Although we all know it will grow on her.

After getting a round of twenty questions by the police in the hospital, Katie manages to get released and brought home...

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Vampblade #2

After transforming into the Vampblade and having her first encounter with the disgusting other-dimensional “space vampires”, Katie Karver winds up in the hospital. But now that she’s connected to the mystical blades there’s no place to hide from the vile otherworldly parasites that are drawn to them. Time to check out and kick ass!

Some characters are imbued with radioactive powers, or even born as mutants. Others are just constantly trained physically and mentally to perfection. Then you have characters like Katie in issue two of Vampblade who are unexpectedly thrown into their role by something as simple as grabbing prop weapons.

Katie aka not-quite-yet-Vampblade wakes up in the hospital, still in shock over what happened and hoping it’s over...

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Vampblade #1

Debuting at Halloween ComicFest and in the pages of Zombie Tramp, the co-writer and artist of Zombie Tramp unleash breakout character Vampblade in her own all-new ongoing series!

When a young comic shop employee is transformed by mystical blades into a walking talking (and slicing & dicing) 90s comic book bad girl, she must quickly learn how to survive the new grotesque world the blades reveal. Now, other-dimensional parasites hidden all around us resembling the “space vampires” from the 90s comic, Vampblade, are all too real, and out for her blood!

Given how popular she was paired with Zombie Tramp, it was really only a matter of time before this solo title arrived for all of us to enjoy. In fact, reading the end of this launch book, she’s got more of a history than most of us realized...

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