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Action Lab Entertainment Announces It’s NYCC Exclusives!

Limited edition comics are available for purchase while supplies last.

PITTSBURGH P.A- Action Lab Entertainment will be exhibiting several limited edition New York Comic Con exclusives at Booth 3044.

ADVENTURES IN CRIME #1 (Limited to 300 copies)
Cover Artist: Holt Silva

In 1930s New York, aspiring comics creator JACK LEVI places his life and career on the line when he enters into a secret love affair with the femme fatale mistress of his mob boss benefactor.

Price: $10

THE ADVENTURES OF MIRU #1 (Limited to 100 copies)
Cover Artist: Ben Bishop Miru the dragon crashes on Gaia-a realm where dragons no longer exist-and swiftly becomes the most wanted creature around...

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Vampblade #8

Katie’s been on a rough ride of late – fighting Detroit’s toughest infected, battling Space Knights, spelunking in sewage – but things are about to get much worse for our bladed bad ass, because now her weapons are turning on herself!! It’s Vampblade versus…the Vampblades!?!

Who would ever think that being the owner of a comic store could be so interesting? Actually, I think it’d be pretty awesome, but probably not as much as finding yourself becoming a space vampire hunter. That’s the kind of excitement that Katie continues to find herself up against going into the eighth issue of Vampblade.

Having melded with vamp weapons after seemingly losing on of her Vampblades, Katie sets her sights on going after MOM Spaceknight and her family...

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Vampblade #7

Katie Carva lives in Detroit, a tough town… it’s even tougher when you moonlight as Vampblade and hunt invisible demonic space parasites! But the blades need to feed, so it’s off to the rough side of town for some late night action.

Alright all you space vamp fighting fans, it’s time for us to travel down into the sewers of Detroit. Let’s face it, most of us already have our minds in the gutter anyways, so I supposed it’s not that much of a trip. Now that I’m done with that terrible analogy, let’s move forward instead with issue seven of Vampblade.

The best option Katie had to escape MOM Spaceknight was to jump into the sewers, where she soon faces off against a pair of Mario Bros wannabe vamps...

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Vampblade #6

Vampblade’s in for the fight of her life… instead of facing more mindless monsters, an all-new super deadly sword wielding foe crosses blades with Katie. Who or what is Mom Spaceknight, and why is she unleashing cosmic hell on our cosplaying slayer?!?

Things have already been complicated enough for Katie after being thrust into her space zombie slayer role. Now we have to add in the fact that another human is out for her blood? That’s just unfair, but things leading into the sixth issue of Vampblade have never exactly been fair to begin with.

The chrome armored, energy blade weilding MOM Spaceknight has burst into the comic shop and is relentlessly trying to take down Katie Vampblade...

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Vampblade #5

Katie Carva continues to discover more about the Vampblades, but a girl’s gotta eat, so why not dine and slash?! Just when she thinks she’s figured out how to take on the invisible-but-deadly Glorkian face-feeders, they go and get all next level on her!

Who’s hungry for a good old diner space vampire lunch? Ok, that’s probably going to be nobody in all likeliness, because who would be in all honesty. Other than Vampblade of course and it’s time for the next course in issue five.

Our slayer Katie aka Vampblade seems to have become quite accustomed to the hunger of her blades for space vamp blood. So naturally, she heads to a diner where she gets naked, dons her fetish outfit and gets beyond her fill of vampire...

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