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Faith (2016 Ongoing) #9

Friends in need! Sometimes saving the world entails a little help from your friends. When a suspicious new intern comes to Zipline, asking questions about celeb columnist Faith Herbert, it’s up to her coworkers to help safeguard her secret identity as Summer Smith. Faith’s greatest power has always been inspiring others – see just how much she’s changed the lives of her new friends in this special one-shot story!

We’ve all had our share of secrets, some much bigger and harder to keep than others. Now just think about what it might be like have a secret such as a superhero’s identity. Although they’re not superpowered, the friends we seen in issue nine of Faith are heroes nonetheless.

Ever since Faith’s coworkers at her day job learned her true identity, they’ve done well keeping i...

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Divinity III – Escape from Gulag 396 #1

In the Soviet-controlled world of the Stalinverse, there is a place where liberty is sentenced to die…and it’s Gulag 396. A maximum-security prison where the only escape is through death, the gulag is the final stop for all enemies and detractors of the world’s oppressive authority. But when public enemy Obadiah Archer is admitted as the latest inmate, could his gospel of goodwill and optimism be the spark that ignites a new faith in the prison’s population…including the immortal undesirable known as Aram Addi-Padda?

I’m going to spoil this review right from the get-go: Escape from Gulag 396 is not a very good comic. Archer and Armstrong aren’t the most interesting Valiant characters to begin with...

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Valiant Brings X-O MANOWAR, SECRET WEAPONS, and More to Anaheim with Panels, Signings, and Exclusives!

From Friday, March 31st to Sunday, April 2nd, Valiant’s non-stop convention tour is charging into WonderCon 2017 – and we’re bringing in tons of convention-only exclusives, panels, programming, and signings that you won’t find anywhere else!

All weekend long, Valiant is making booth #1019 inside the Anaheim Convention Center the only place to find a complete selection of trade paperbacks and deluxe hardcovers from the largest independent superhero universe in comics, with critically acclaimed and award-winning titles including BLOODSHOT REBORN, BRITANNIA, DIVINITY, FAITH, NINJAK, QUANTUM AND WOODY, X-O MANOWAR, and many more!

Then: War comes to WonderCon as Valiant teams up with Los Angeles’ own Golden Apple Comics for the X-O MANOWAR (2017) #1 GOLDEN APPLE EXCLUSIVE VARIANT, fe...

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Savage #3+4

Valiant’s latest prestige-format epic slashes its way forward as acclaimed writer B. Clay Moore and luminary artists Clayton Henry (HARBINGER WARS) and Lewis LaRosa (BLOODSHOT REBORN) continue the hard-hitting origin to Valiant’s next great hero and begin his greatest trial yet!

Savage isn’t about the story. It isn’t about the dinosaurs. It isn’t about the Mad Max-style feral bad guys. It’s about The Boy, pure and simple. He’s one of the most ferocious protagonists to grace the interior of a comic book.

The art is great; I loved the way the visuals would switch from a tight comic style (the past) to a more realistic, painterly style (the present)...

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Divinity III: Shadowman and the Battle for New Stalingrad #1

The year is 2017…and, in the Communist-occupied streets of New York City, oppression and violence lurk in every shadow. But when the global Soviet Union targets the Statue of Liberty for destruction, there will be Hell to pay…and Jack Boniface has come to collect. As Shadowman, Jack will resurrect the sacred power of his people…and raise an army of the dead to meet the Russians where they stand. But even Shadowman’s revenant freedom force will find something to fear when the brutal Komandar Bloodshot and unstoppable Aric, Son of the Revolution arrive to crush liberty’s last sparks of life…and put down the dead forever!

Divinity III: Stalinverse is a grand experiment in alternate-universe crossovers for Valiant. I applaud their efforts...

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