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Kickstarter of the Week: Ursa Minor

Ursa Minor - Big Dog Ink

A long, long time ago, I was a major supporter of BDI and the books that they were putting out. Then, due to circumstances, we split ways and I confess to losing track of what was happening with them. Now, they’re back and they’re back in a big way. They’re bringing back one of my favorite stories with an all new 40 page special edition written by none other than Dirk Manning himself. Dirk has a reputation for doing horror and for doing it well. I’m looking forward to seeing what he does with my favorite werebear and everyone that surrounds her. Big Dog Ink always puts out high quality books with great stories and I know that this one isn’t going to be any different than their other works.

If you’d like to check it out for yourselves, and I really do think you should, head over to their...

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Big Dog Ink June 2013 Solicitations

 The Legend of Oz: The Wicked West #9
Writer: Tom Hutchison
Artist: Alisson Borges
Cover A: Alisson Borges
Cover B: Nei Ruffino 
A & B covers ship 50/50
Hop on board as we delve deeper into the mystery behind the Emerald City mines.  The excavation at the Emerald City has picked up steam, but Dr. Pipt isn’t sure he can be part of it any longer.
Critter #13
Writer/Creator: Tom Hutchison
Artist: Fico Ossio
Cover A: Fico Ossio
Cover B: Romano Molenaar
A & B Covers ship 50/50
Big Dog Ink’s first event series “High Tide” continues as the world’s heroes struggle to find a way to defeat Tidepool. But help is on the way.
The In Crowd #1
Writer: Eric Esquivel
Artist: C.B. Zane
Cover A: C.B. Zane
Cover B: Cor...
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Announcing Big Dog Ink Cosplay Edition Variant Covers

Big Dog Ink is proud to announce a new feature for convention appearances: Cosplay Edition Variant Covers.  Limited edition, collectible variant covers have become a mainstay of the convention scene.  When the family goes to a theme park you buy a collectible key chain or shot glass. When you go to a comic book convention, the variant cover is your must-have take home commemorative item. Cosplayers are also a huge part of the convention scene.  Very little beats the thrill of seeing someone so in love with comics that they are inspired to dress up in a costume and wrap themselves in the personae of their favorite character

So what’s a Cosplay Edition Variant you may ask?  In short, it’s Big Dog Ink’s way of saying we love our devoted, committed, fanatical, amazing fans who com...

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Big Dog Ink Does Special Signing!

This past Saturday, Jesse James Comics, a premiere comics book store in Glendale, AZ, was invaded by the some of the most outstanding artists and writers out there also known as Big Dog Ink. Set against an abnormally hot September desert, things inside the shop were even hotter (but in the good way). Armed with an arsenal of brilliantly colored banners displaying the best of BDI’s comic creations Ian Snyder, Natali Sanders, Jenevieve Broomall, Wayne Gardiner, as well as writer and publisher Tom Hutchinson came to rock the place.

One thing I noticed right off the bat. This team doesn’t take anything for granted. They were not only more than willing to talk about their creations, they were also visibly engaged with the fans...

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Ursa Minor #2

It’s been a while since I’ve brought you a Big Dog Ink title and I am super excited to finally share Ursa Minor #2 with all of you! Do y’all remember the premise in this series?

Werewolves kill the president. Vampires step forward to help. Ringing any bells? If not, well then you should have been paying better attention. Heck, y’all should own issue 1 by now. I’m going to leave that up to you though and tell you all about issue 2.

The Good : Tom Hutchinson doesn’t disappoint in his storytelling. In this issue, he gives us hints as to Naomi’s background and fills us in more on the relationships between the different characters...

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