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Star Trek: Discovery

Tyler’s Spoiler-Free Rambling Review


Why I Think Saying This Series Is In The Prime Universe Is BS

When I heard over a year ago that Star Trek was taking another run at a TV series, I will admit that I was very skeptical. Their last kick at the can, Enterprise, a prequel series, was met with enough trouble that its run was cut short by 3 years, and the movies seemed to have been in a popularity slide over the past decade. The announcement of another attempt at a TV series made nervous.

Like many others, I was a huge fan of The Next Generation, followed closely by Deep Space Nine...

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Crosswind #1

WRITER: Gail Simone
ARTIST: Cat Staggs

When a Chicago hitman and a mentally abused housewife experience an unexplained event affects the pair, forcing them to trade places.

Upon first diving into the comic, I was immediately struck with a feeling I would get turning on a gangster flick. It was like watching Goodfellas on a page as we meet Cason Ray Bennett – an esteemed hitman in the Chicago mob. He seems to have everything he could want, from the suits, cars and women. But the cost of being one of the best comes as he is called to clean up after the botched jobs of others.

Enter Juniper Elanore Blue, the attractive suburban housewife of a demanding and unfaithful husband. Her stepson resents her. She is a target of harassment from the neighbourhood boys...

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Marvel Comics Digest #1

WRITERS: Various Writers
ARTISTS: Various Artists
INKS: Various inkers
COLOURS: Various Colourists

This massive experience showcases a handful of adventures spanning over half a century of Spider-Man stories, from golden age tales by Stan Lee and Steve Ditko to a recent team-up as “Ultimate Peter Parker!”

From the beginning, we dive in to a jumbo-sized book filled with over 220-pages and a dozen stories, opened by the 1966 tale from Amazing Spider-Man #38, “Just A Guy Named Joe,” featuring the art of one of the most iconic and recognizable to be seen in a comic panel, Steve Ditko.

The story, written by Stan Lee, centers around aspiring-yet-failing boxer, Joe Smith, whose interaction with spilled chemicals eventually sends him into a frenzy that Spidey has to deal with...

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The Lost Fleet: Corsair #1

WRITER: Jack Campbell
ARTIST: Andre Siregar
INK: Bambang Irawan
COLOURS: Sebastian Cheng

Captain Michael Geary has spent his military life trying to live up to the reputation of his great-uncle, “Black Jack.” Held captive by the Syndicate since the end of the last great war, that reputation may be the only thing keeping him alive – or will it get him killed when a deal is made to break him free?

The story opens with Captain Geary recounting the last moments before the destruction of his battle cruiser, lying on a table in his cell. His thoughts are interrupted as Destina Aragon, an Executive Officer of the Syndicate enters and offers a proposal for his release...

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The Divided States of Hysteria #1

WRITER: Howard Chaykin
ARTIST: Howard Chaykin
COLOURS: Jesus Aburtov
LETTERING: Ken Bruzenak

In a not too distant future, the American president and most of his cabinet have been assassinated in a failed coup. A world in disarray, CIA operative Frank Villa senses another imminent threat to Washington looming.

Dark in tone and graphic in scenery, The Divide States of Hysteria is not a comic for any who would shy away from the darker side of humanity. Bordering between surreal and all too real as it takes us on its ominous journey, the tale leaps from one character to the next, quickly running through a cast of some of the society’s filthiest lowlifes before transitioning to the next miscreant.

Our central character is quickly revealed to be less than the upstanding operative that one may e...

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