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Preacher Season 2 Ep 7: Pig

Directed by: Wayne Yip
Written by: Olivia Dufault

Flying pigs are really one of the least surprising things to happen on Preacher. In just one season we’ve had a cowboy from Hell, Hitler, secret organizations, an angel, and man-dog, so the flying pig fits right in. Still, it’s a problem for Herr Starr – who got a brief introduction a few episodes ago(and an even briefer cameo in the first season) – the head of The Grail’s Samson Unit, in charge of dealing with false prophets. Along with a better introduction to one of the stranger characters in a show full of strange characters, “Pig” deals with the fallout of Tulip’s encounter with the Saint, Jesse selling part of his soul, and the revelation that Denis is Cassidy’s son.

Unfortunately, this episode feels a bit cramped and d...

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Preacher Season 2 Ep 6: Sokosha

Directed by: David Evans
Written by: Mary Laws

The Saint of Killers has finally caught up to Jesse, and the result is the most intense and emotionally powerful episode of Preacher yet.

After barely escaping the Saint and finding out that Fiore is dead, Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy do some research to uncover the Saint’s backstory, and find out that he is the only living man without a soul. Jesse offers the Saint a deal; leave them alone, and Jesse will give the Saint a soul so he can join his family in heaven. The catch – Tulip, Cassidy, and Denis stay as the Saint’s captives.

From there, the episode follows Jesse trying to find a soul for the Saint, and back at Denis’ apartment, the subplot between Cassidy and Denis finally comes to a head.

Outside of that synopsis, I find it hard to ...

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Preacher Season 2 Ep 5: Dallas

Written By: Philip Buiser
Directed By: Michael Morris

Sometimes, it’s hard to forget that these characters are, at their core, deeply fucked up people. “Dallas” reminds us of that by way of an emotional gut punch and the crushing weight of Jesse’s depression and anger. “Dallas” offers no insane fight scenes. No gay angels or cowboys from Hell. The usual manic energy of the show is absent here, replaced by tedium and routine. And yet, “Dallas” is the most intense episode of Preacher yet. It shows the nasty, dark heart of the characters we’ve been following, and the usual laughter and shock that’s typical of watching an episode of Preacher is replaced by a growing feeling of dread as things come to head, and a side of Jesse yet unseen is revealed.

After finding out that ...

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Preacher Season 2 Ep 4: Viktor

Written By: Craig Rosenberg
Directed By: Michael Slovis

The search for God continues in “Viktor”, but as Tulip’s past catches up to her she becomes trapped in a dangerous situation, and Eugene continues to get his bearings in Hell.

Picking up from the previous episode’s cliffhanger, Tulip finds herself in the mansion of Viktor, a mobster she seems to have wronged in the past. Her former friends within Viktor’s operations either ignore her, or wish she were dead, but answers as to what she did are still nowhere to be found.

Meanwhile, Eugene gets acquainted with his new neighbor, Adolf Hitler. The inclusion of Hitler as a major character is… interesting, but before getting into that, I’d like to talk about Hell itself...

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Preacher Season 2 Ep 3: Damsels

Written by: Sara Goodman
Directed by: Michael Slovis

The third episode this season of Preacher opts to slow things down a bit and focus on our main characters as they arrive in New Orleans. Tulip tries to hide from her past, while Jesse’s search for God gets him in trouble. Meanwhile, Eugene (Ian Colletti) relives his worst memory over and over again in Hell until the machines malfunction and he meets his neighbors.

Eugene’s Hell comes with a revelation about the character that manages to make you feel genuinely sorry for him, even as the absurdity of the situation can’t help but make you laugh a little...

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