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Mass Effect Joins Dark Horse Direct

Celebrate N7 Day by Ordering the New Mass Effect: Andromeda Tempest Ship Replica!

MILWAUKIE, Ore., —In honor of the 11th annual N7 Day, Dark Horse Direct and BioWare are pleased to reveal the Mass Effect: Andromeda Tempest Ship 18” Replica! Survey the terrain of your residence or workplace with this fully realized replica proudly displayed on your gaming console table, bookshelf, or desk. With only 500 Mass Effect: Andromeda Tempest replicas made, this immaculate collectible will be the envy of all your gaming companions!

Approximately 18” long and made from polyresin, the Mass Effect: Andromeda Tempest is the latest release in exclusive replicas fro...

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Lego Movie

This is a far cry from
most of what I have been reviewing lately but this flick was just too fun to
pass up. Admittedly, I was going to skip on this one until I saw who was behind
the story. If you have not seen CLOUDY WITH A CHANCE OF MEATBALLS, you have my
encouragement to find it and see it now (like right now, this review can wait).
It’s probably more epic than this movie and I am not joking when I say that.
Anyway, with a surprising amount of humor, not really part of LEGO’s smaller efforts, this one not only comes across as brazenly entertaining for kids, but adults as
Centered around a
construction worker the fate of LEGO kind hangs in the balance; if “The Special”
can’t fulfill  the prophecy and overcome
Lord Business and his extremely structured way of keeping t...
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Dark Horse and Bioware Unveil the Latest in the Line of Mass Effect Collectibles

All-new 6” Turian Cruiser ship to
hit shelves in November!

of the cornerstones of both Dark Horse’s publishing and product line in recent
years, has been the massive video game franchise, Mass Effect.
To date, Dark Horse Deluxe
has released four different ships, as well as limited edition variant, and high
end editions. Up next is the Turian cruiser, which bears some slight
resemblance to the Normandy, due to the cooperative effort between the Turians
and the human race in the Alliance ship’s construction. This race in Mass
Effect, are members of the Citadel Council, well known for their military role,
and their contribution of starships to the Citadel Fleet.
have been overwhelmed by the support gamers have given our Mass Effect ship
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Dark Horse Deluxe Partners with Toy2R to Distribute Limited Edition Hellboy Mini-Qee Vinyl Toys!

OR–At this year’s International Toy Fair, Dark Horse revealed what is sure to
be one of the year’s most-talked-about toy releases! Hong Kong’s innovative
designer-toy company Toy2R will produce a new range of 5” vinyl figures in
their popular “Mini-Qee” format, putting their unique design spin on Mike
Mignola’s popular Hellboy character. 
Mike Mignola’s Hellboy has emerged as one of the classic comic book
characters of the modern day, spawning a successful series of graphic novels,
motion pictures, animation, interactive games, and toy lines. Excitement around
this character is at an all-time high, as Mignola takes him back to whence he
came in the smash-hit series Hellboy in Hell, currently in its third issue.
Raymond Choy’s Toy2R is recognized as being ...
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Sometimes we get lucky and make just the right connections and end up having a ball with a new review. That was the case when we met the folks over at Rifit. Rifit is a brand new product, recently launched at Stan Lee’s Comikaze. In fact, they’ve actually partnered with Stan Lee’s Sportsball World, an upcoming game app. We were lucky enough to be sent not only the standard version of the Rifit but also some of the really cool Stan Lee Sportsball World characters.

Still no idea what a Rifit is? Well, that’s probably because I haven’t told you. Since it’s easier to show you than tell you, check out this really cool video:

Roger, who agreed to be my testing partner, was super excited when we opened the box...

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