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Paradox Girl: First Cycle TPB

ParadoxGirl-vol1-coverNearly everyone loves good time travel fiction. I’m not talking about that ST: Voyager crap where the writers can’t think of an ending, the ship blows up, and it was all a dream. Paradox Girl is real written story, smart, and within an issue or two ties up the loose ends you had forgotten or missed. It’s that smart.

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Infinite Dark #5

Infinite dark 5 cover

We finally get to rejoin Deva in the weeks after the end of the universe! How did they survive? Did they really continue living? Is the Entity dead? If the universe has ended, where is everyone now?

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Infinite Dark TPB #1

Infinite Darkness TPB 1 cover

This, this, is one deep scifi comic. But, DOOD can you handle it? Is the end THE end or the first end or the first continuation?

INFINITE DARK TPB #1 is a meta graphic novel trip collecting issues #1-4. Take a big breath and click READ MORE

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The Freeze #2

The Freeze #2 Cover

The second issue of the Freeze #2 is a bit more violent, huh? A lot has happened since the first issue where the world was frozen.

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The Freeze #1

Ray works an everyday office job until an electrical shock signifies the instant everything changes for those around him. Remember, the Girl, the Gold Watch and everything? An event like the Gold Watch freezes everyone, but not the world. Cars collide. Planes crash. Then there’s Ray.

He has a gift.

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