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Khaal: The Chronicles of a Galactic Emperor #1

In the cold silence of a galaxy ripped apart by war, a prison ship drifts alone in the void. Aboard, three races are preparing for a battle that will determine the ruler of their eternal home. Khaal, the embattled, bloodthirsty, and unhinged leader of the human faction, will stop at nothing to triumph. Brand-new violent space opera of warring clans, gladiatorial arenas and political intrigue. Illustrated by globally renowned Meta-Barons artist Valentin Secher.

I’ve found it! I’ve finally found it…!

A bad French comic.

When it comes to comics, I’m a blatant Francophile. Europe produces some wonderful alternatives to American comics; and the best, for my money, are French...

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The Mummy #2: Palimpsest

Having escaped from the clutches of the sinister Sect of Annubis, Angel, an Ukrainian immigrant trafficked illegally into the UK is now lost and alone on the unknown streets of London. Chosen by the Sect as vessel for the soul of an ancient Egyptian High Priestess called Nebetah, Angel has begun to transform into a mummy.

Angel now finds herself pursued by, not only, agents of the Sect of Annubis, but also their sworn enemies, The Pyramid Club and Ammit, a huge demonic hell-hound from the Ancient Egyptian Land of the Dead. Ammit’s task it is to bring Nebetah back to the Land of the Dead. With time running out, Angel must find sanctuary before her soul is devoured by Nebetah…

The Mummy continues, still one of the most original treatmens of the toilet paper-wrapped undead I’ve seen in a whi...

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World War X #1

On the Moon, a monstrous alien creature awakens from a centuries-long sleep, determined to put an end to mankind. Humanity’s only hope? Helius, a tired and battle-weary veteran of an ancient war…

World War X is a solid comic that just fails to grab.

The art is rather good, minimalist with a vaguely retro feel. The writing isn’t too shabby, either. There’s a good buildup, and the monsters aren’t too overblown. I was intrigued by the Helius character: what’s his deal? Is he connected to the creatures? Is he for us, or against us? I’m kind of hoping he’s against us; he has a creepy “Antichrist” vibe.

Problem is, this comic just isn’t that interesting. The story plods along – no hook, nothing to break up the monotony. The characters are vaguely sketched in...

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Hook Jaw #1

In the troubled waters off Somalia, a rag-tag group of marine scientists studying a pack of female great white sharks find themselves caught in a conflict between pirates and the might of the US Navy. But why is the CIA so interested in the work of the scientists? And just how will they face up to the shadowy terror of the legendary great white – HOOK JAW?!

Hook Jaw is a surprising little gem of a comic.

Generally “beast-sploitation” comics run the way of all B-movies: a formulaic excuse to watch toothsome creatures rip apart partially-clothed partiers. There’s a bungled government experiment; then a conveniently-located party; then Raar, Aiee, Rip-rip there go the teenagers. Eventually the poor misbegotten critter gets blown up. Nerd gets girl. Roll credits.

But Hook Jaw goes an ...

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Masked Anomalies #1

Injured during a mission in the Caucasus, Sergeant Frank Braffort returns to Paris after six years of absence. He discovers a changed city ruled by Prefect Beauregard. Braffort discoveres that a series of mysterious events, anomalies that no one can explain, are taking place throughout the city. Events that will change Braffort’s life forever. Meanwhile, a new species of creature begins to emerge, robotic beings that take on human form. Braffort is recruited to control and assure the safety of the city. But it seems that his reputation is not the only reason he is offered this position… The origin of an unforgettable new vigilante, powered by technology and magic, in a world where everyone keeps their true selves… MASKED.

Call me a snob, but in terms of comics, anything French grabs my at...

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