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Doctor Who: The Twelfth Doctor #3

In the
distant past India played host to a war between ancient aliens, whose
cross-temporal battles contributed to the country’s rich myths and legends.
Kali, oldest and deadliest of these, was thought defeated long, long ago. But
her psychic essence could not be killed… nor her quest for vengeance.
Now, in the 23rd Century, she is on the
brink of resurrection. In a race against time the Doctor and Clara must gather
secrets and allies from across India’s past, present and future – if they are
to survive… THE SWORDS OF KALI!

Robbie Morrison
Dave Taylor
Titan Comics
This issue of the 12th Doctor’s
adventures see him taking on a story with a very colonial feel (and I think
Capaldi’s Doctor is the only one in...
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Snowpiercer: Volume 1: The Escape

From fearsome engine to final car, all
surviving human life is here: a complete hierarchy of the society we lost.
The elite, as ever, travel in luxury at
the front of the train – but for those in the rear coaches, life is squalid,
miserable and short. Now the poor have had enough: it’s time to seize control
of the engine – and their future!
Jacques Lob
Jean-Marc Rochette
Titan Comics
Film adaptations come thick and fast these
days. From superhero movies to more esoteric tastes, the comic book adaptation
is a hot property if dealt with properly. Through a bizarre sequence of
circumstances, the English translation of Snowpiercer in the UK has arrived
after the release of the film (itself crippled after the director refused to
play Hollywood p...
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Mono 1

ape-human hybrid secret agent and Queen’s assassin, possessed of a deadly
prehensile tail and ‘the strength of twelve men’, made his debut in the pulps
of the 1930s and enjoyed a brief revival in the late 1960s and 70s. But can it
be that the fiction is closer to historic fact than was ever previously
Now a series of tales, told in hand-written
journals and reported first-hand by those that knew him, reveal Mono as a
dual-natured and conflicted adventurer– savage and noble; civilized, but
ultimately untameable.
Liam Sharp
Ben Wolstenholme
Madefire/Titan Comics
The second of Madefire’s releases via Titan
this month, Liam Sharp’s tale takes a pulp hero from the 1930’s and resurrects
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Captain Stone 1

world’s first and only superhero has disappeared after undergoing a cataclysmic
fall from grace in the eyes of the world. Middle-aged and unable to support his
operations he had made a preposterous claim that the world was in danger, a
notion derided by the media and the public at large. But what if the claim is
Outcast writer and infamous murderess
Charlie Chance, AKA The Pet, finds herself searching for the one man who was
able to bring her to justice- Captain Stone
Christina McCormack
Liam Sharp
Liam Sharp
Madefire/ Titan Comics
Vertigo has a lot to answer for. Back in the
last 80’s and early 90’s they came out of nowhere, Karen Berger almost single
handedly shaping the way not only independent comics, but mainstream comics
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The Evil Within 2+3

In the treacherously haunted house of a young girl’s
brain, every door hides gut-wrenching horrors and nerve-jangling chills, all
torn from the world of Bethesda Software’s new survival horror game, The Evil
Within! Dana, a young student, is desperately searching for her missing friend,
but the hunt leads her down a path where every street corner hides devastation,
dark secrets and deadly creatures spawned from the deepest depths of the most
demented minds!
With the opening issue setting the stage for a horrifying
comic adaptation of the game, I couldn’t wait to see more.  Granted, this means diving headfirst into
more frightening scenes that are bound to give heart palpitations.  Regardless, I was ready for more of The Evil
Within comics from Titan, and sat down prepared for anot...
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