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The Forever War #1

An epic SF war story spanning space and time, The Forever War explores one soldier’s experience caught up in the brutal machinery of a war that reaches across the stars.

I’m a sucker for retro sci-fi – anything from the bright, optimistic Atomic Era of the 50’s to the disillusioned, pre-Cyberpunk stuff of the 70’s. The Forever War falls in to the latter category. A brilliant graphic adaptation of Joe Haldeman’s 1974 novel, TFW maintains the look and feel of 70’s sci-fi movies, from the weirdly impoverished space technology to the graininess of the visuals. You can almost hear HAL9000 whispering, “I can’t do that, Dave.”

The visuals are indeed grainy, with loose linework, washed-out colors, and abstracted faces; I had to check the date of publishing to make sure it wasn...

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Sherlock: The Blind Banker #2

Sherlock investiagates a bank-related murder inside a locked apartment… But are more murders to follow? Plus another mysterious cypher appears – which could spell trouble for Holmes and Watson…

Sherlock is a great comic series; I love to see the British actors rendered as Manga characters. Its biggest weakness, however, is the show itself: the Manga matches the television series frame-by-frame, and dialogue that worked relatively well on film becomes weird when translated to the page. Intonation is lost…or maybe it’s just the British speaking patterns. I have the nagging thought that Sherlock would work better as a comic if some of this dialogue were abridged.

Other than that, the Sherlock Manga continues its wonderful run. Keep up the good work!

Final Verdict: 3 out of 5.


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Hook Jaw #2

In the troubled waters off Somalia, a rag-tag group of marine scientists studying a pack of female great white sharks find themselves caught in a conflict between pirates and the might of the US Navy. But why is the CIA so interested in the work of the scientists? And just how will they face up to the shadowy terror of the legendary great white – HOOKJAW?!

Hook Jaw continues to be an excellent, entertaining read, and a nontypical comic story to boot.

This second issue continues the story’s quirky writing and interesting setup. The art isn’t especially good, but serves its purpose and has a good sense of action. A couple of scenes were laugh-out-loud funny. And yes, Hook Jaw herself is a really scary fish. I like how the story balances the Jaws elements with actual scientific fact; t...

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[Re]Assignment #1

Hitman Frank Kitchen’s assignment to kill a celebrated fashion designer who’s fallen behind on his debts takes a turn when his victim’s sister, a sociopathic surgeon, decides to punish him in the unique way only she can. Abducted and operated on against his will, Frank awakens in an altered condition – but with a hitman’s hunger for revenge.

(Reviewer’s note: apparently there’s an upcoming film, directed by Walter Hill, based on this comic. This review is not intended as a comment on the film, or its attending controversy; I intend to review the comic in isolation).

Titan’s Hard Case imprint has consistently brought hard-boiled goodness to the table. From Triggerman to Peepland, I haven’t found much to complain about. [Re]Assignment continues this tradition, with a dash of Taran...

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Sherlock: The Blind Banker #1

A mysterious break-in at a bank… Some enigmatic symbols… Hidden dangers… Could the case of the ‘Blind Banker’ be too dangerous even for Holmes and Watson to handle? The second incredible manga adaptation of the hit TV show starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman!

I’m still a big fan of Kadokawa’s Sherlock (published by Titan Comics); most of my complaints are due to the foibles of the television series. The Blind Banker continues this excellent adaptation, with artwork that depicts the distinctive leading actors, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, through Japanese eyes. Sherlock Holmes himself comes off as vulpine, an intelligent and slightly menacing gleam in his eye as he struts, cogitates, and deceives his way through each strange mystery...

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