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Life With Kevin #1

Kevin’s made his big move to the Big Apple! He’s got his own place, he’s starting his internship on the production team at a high-profile news channel — Kevin’s really got it all together… or does he? Will his first day in NYC be a dream come true or will the big city eat him alive? Kevin will learn one thing for sure: when it comes to city living, expect the unexpected!

This book seems to be an attempt to center a story around a gay character, without making everything about him being gay. While I appreciate that effort in and of itself, this book didn’t really do much for me. The art is fine, but the writing is flat and mostly vapid...

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Interceptor #2

Poli. (the titular Interceptor herself) and Weep (badass rebel kid) find themselves at the mercy of Sherriff Arden Reeve and the blood-drunk Baroness of the North, Matilda. Trapped in a vampire prison, surrounded on all sides and dangerously pissed off, Poli and Weep fight for survival as the fates of two worlds hang in the balance!

This title opens with a pretty surprising amount of both nudity and blood, which I didn’t entirely expect, after the second one. It wasn’t a turn off to me, but it could be for some people.

This story continues from the first one very well. The characters are still very distinct, with distinct personalities and voices. That doesn’t diminish with the addition of more characters, though it’s obvious who is a main character and who is a secondary character...

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Blood & Dust: The Life and Undeath of Judd Glenny #1

Near the swamps of southeastern Oklahoma lives Judd Glenny. Judd did many things in life. He was a father, a farmer, a Civil War veteran, and in death he’s done even more as the first American vampire.
He once rode the Old West as its most legendary and feared outlaw. Now he is babysitter to his vampire great grandchildren and guardian of their mother, who as Judd says is “sick”.
In that swamp lives something dark and dangerous. Something that takes anyone who enters it, who are never to be seen again.

This book is an interesting take on a vampire story. It combines the supernatural idea of a spooky undead family living in the woods preying on hapless passerby with vampire legend, and then turns the whole idea on its head...

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Interceptor #1

INTERCEPTOR tells the tale of Poli and Weep, two freedom fighters on a planet populated exclusively by blood-sucking vampires. A planet called . . . Earth. From Donny Cates (Buzzkill, Ghost Fleet, and The Paybacks) and Dylan Burnett comes a neon-drenched, blood-soaked vision of vampires like you’ve never seen before! (I.E. sweet mech suits and laser swords and stuff!) Variant cover by Daniel Warren Johnson (Ghost Fleet) #SpaceSucks!

This title is set in a future world where vampires have taken over the earth, and humans have fled into space. They’ve sent back a warrior to fight them (or so I’ve gathered; I wasn’t entirely sure what the purpose sending her back was), only to find that there are still humans down on the planet.

The story here is mostly set up, without a lot of action...

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Empress #6

The goddess rises!
The orphaned Mardoll grows up as an outcast in a Viking Iceland village. People fear her, hate her, and she doesn’t know why. All that she knows is her mother went crazy and murdered her father.
Years pass and Mardoll reaches adulthood. Ready to see the world outside of Iceland, Mardoll accompanies a group of Viking to Scandinavia. The trip will change not only Mardoll, but her entire future bloodline.
Within Mardoll exists a great power, one that has been hidden for many years, and refuses to hide any longer.

This issue continues the trend of utilizing very misogynistic tropes. I think they’re trying to portray “strong” female protagonists that overcome the tropes, but mostly I think the writing and characterization play into them instead of overcoming them...

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