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Black Hood Vol. 1: The Bullet’s Kiss

Regular Geek-o-Rama readers will hopefully have seen my reviews of The Black Hood: Season 2, which came to an explosive conclusion earlier this month. I’ve been enjoying the unique story and dark, modern take on this golden age character. With that being said, I was excited to dig into The Bullet’s Kiss, which collects the initial five issue story arc that introduced the world to Greg Hettinger, aka The Black Hood.

If I thought Duane Swierczynski’s writing impressed me in Season 2 (spoiler: it did), The Bullet’s Kiss blew me away. Likewise, Michael Gaydos’ art took this to another level. I knew much of the story I was about read (from flashbacks and “story so far” blurbs in Season 2) but I was nevertheless thrilled by it all...

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The Black Hood: Season 2 #5

This is the end for the Black Hood. That’s what “The story so far…” proclaims, at least. Last issue, Greg Hettinger, the current Black Hood, discovered that the original Black Hood, Kip Burland, is still alive and still hunting the assassin known as The Nobody.

As The Nobody leaves an explosive trail throughout Philadelphia, the two Hoods are forced to work together find and stop him for good. While they do manage to kill The Nobody and save his hostage, they aren’t able to do so before he activates a final explosive, engulfing them all in a ball of flame and rubble.

“The Nobody Murders” concludes as it began, with Duane Swierczynski’s beautifully dark writing and Greg Scott’s equally dark and gritty art work combining to tell a rare noir tale that has been a joy to read...

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The Black Hood: Season 2 #4

The Black Hood: Season 2 is nearly over. It’s Black Hood vs Black Hood in Issue #4 as the original Black Hood (Kip Burling) confronts the current Black Hood (Greg Hettinger) saying, “Killing me wasn’t enough, officer? You had to steal my identity too?”

The first two-thirds of the story is the formulaic, testosterone fueled fight that happens whenever two heroes meet for the first time, followed by how Burling survived being shot in the face by Hettinger once they inevitably beat each other to a stalemate. The last third of the story has The Nobody kidnapping Hettinger’s ex girlfriend, before coming to an explosive finish.

As usual, the issue is capped off with a classic 1940’s Black Hood story.  I’m really torn about these backup stories...

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The Black Hood: Season 2 #3

Welcome back to The Black Hood: Season 2. Issue #3 picks up with Greg Hettinger heading cross country, retracing the path that took him to California. The mysterious assassin called The Nobody has been taking the same path, murdering people at every location that Hettinger stopped to interrupt a crime.

Finally, the two meet in Missouri in the home of a family that The Black Hood saved several months before. Although Hettinger is able to save the family again, The Nobody escapes and moves on to burn down a gas station in Indiana before heading back to Philadelphia, where the The Black Hood started his crusade and where Hettinger is wanted for multiple murders...

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The Black Hood: Season 2 #1+2

Flashback to when I was a young comic fan, and I had a just inherited a massive box of old Archie digests: I’m reading through them and encounter a two page spread of 40 or so years of super heroes from Archie’s past. I was fascinated, given that it was from Archie, not a traditional super hero publisher. Jump to the 90s and DC Comics’ first crack at the Archie heroes with their Impact Comics imprint: it didn’t last, but I enjoyed what they did. Jump again: it’s 2008 and DC Comics once again try their hand at the Archie stable of heroes, this time attempting to bring them into the main DC Universe. Not being a regular mainstream DC reader, I basically ignored this occurrence (as did most other readers) and it soon flopped...

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