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Star Trek Continues – Episode #1 “Pilgrim of Eternity”

 The series, as the title suggests, picks up right where the original
series left off with the Enterprise and her crew continuing their 5 year
mission.  While I missed the premiere at Phoenix Comicon this year, I
was able to finally sit down and watch it a couple of days ago.  I have
to admit, I had a moment of doubt that this could be a terrible
train-wreck, but that feeling passed not only with the first three
4-minute vignettes, but also with the first few minutes of the first
episode “Pilgrim of Eternity”.

As a kid, I used to watch Star Trek TOS episodes in
reruns with my dad. As an adult, I recently ran through the entire
series, along with every other Star Trek show that aired (Thanks,
Netflix!).  Watching STC’s beautiful love-letter to the original show
unfold, I couldn’t help...
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