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Television Show tagged posts

The Power of the Daleks (animated)


For those less versed in Whovian lore, The Power of the Daleks is the first full story to feature Patrick Troughton as the Second Doctor.  It aired in 6 weekly episodes from November 5 until December 10, 1966.  Sadly, the entirety of this serial was lost during the BBC’s archive purge in the late ’60s and early ’70s.  All that remains of the original footage are a few very short video clips that were used for other things, some still pictures, and the complete broadcast audio.  This is where we now pick up the narrative.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of The Power of the Daleks, the BBC has taken that original broadcast audio track and animated all six episodes, releasing the results in the UK starting on November 5, 2016, and to the rest of the world in the weeks since...

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From the Vault: Sherlock: The Abominable Bride

And so, a full 20 years (or so it feels) after we learned that Moriarty had somehow returned, Sherlock’s plane has finally turned around and landed, and with it the first Christmas Special of BBC’s Sherlock. It is a testament to how well Moffat and Gatiss have translated the show into the modern day that when they translate it back to its original time period, the story beats and characterizations are easily recognizable both as as modern and vintage Holmes: Sherlock is still an erratic and abrasive asshole, Watson still served in Afghanistan, and Mycroft… well, poor Mycroft.

The costumes are different, the language more formal, but this is unmistakably still Moffat and Gatiss’s modern Sherlock, just double-translated back into its original vintage veneer...

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X-Files Relaunch Part 1

The X-Files Strikes Back

My ex-wife was fond of The X-Files. One of a small handful of positive things that I can say about her, but I’m pretty sure it was more tangential to her love of police procedurals than of a love of the weird. Between her reruns and me catching the first few years of the show forever ago, I’ve seen probably every episode at some point or another, but not often or in order enough to really know the story backwards and forwards. I know it turns out there actually were aliens; I know Mulder and Scully had a child; I want to say I remember something about the Cigarette Smoking Man and Mulder’s father, but… and it’s gone.

So in quite possibly the longest hiatus between series since Doctor WhoThe X-Files has returned. In some ways, it still feels like the old X-Fi...

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From the Vault: Willfully Misinterpreting Jessica Jones

A few weeks ago, I wrote about the comic series Alias, and it’s upcoming adaptation to visual Jessica Jones. Jessica Jones is a risky proposition for Marvel Studios, not because of its female lead, but because of its subject matter. There’s some seriously mature ideas being explored, both on the show and in the original books, and it’s down to the finesse of the showrunners to handle those ideas appropriately. So, did they?

Did they ever not!

Jessica Jones is a highly, deeply problematic adaptation of a comic book that featured an almost non-existent female character in a male-dominated medium. Before Jessica Jones, there was no female comic book characters that didn’t exist solely to serve as eye candy for a presumed white male audience...

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From the Vault: Doctor Who: The Gallifreyan Lament Configuration

Pardon while I don my tin-foil fez…

A week or so back, I messaged a friend, ranting nigh-incoherently about hair and jumpers. I’d noticed something off, and it triggered a few memories regarding previous episodes. I’d noticed that Twelve’s previously unkempt hair and ratty jumper were gone, and he was once again immaculate in waist-coat and finely-groomed hair. Why didn’t he know how the Confession Dial worked? Why was it important now, after going unmentioned since the first couple of episodes and for that matter, who was he talking to when he was playing guitar and talking about Beethoven and the Bootstrap Paradox? Why did he say “Longest month of my life” when Clara referenced him thinking she was dead? Something is off, and I suspected we were seeing events play out of order again...
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