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Chuck’s Raw Reviews: Xob the Lightning Wielder

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Xob: The Lightning Wielder #1

Story By: Kyrun Silva
Art By: David Jaxon
Colors By: Federico Pepito Sioc Jr. & King Bola
Letters By: Nikki Powers
Published By: Taurus Comics

Xob (pronounced Saw) is a fem-led superhero book that follows Tracy Lor, a young woman trying to navigate school, work, and being the titular superheroine.  The first few pages jump right into the action as a battle ensues between Xob and merc for hire Armored Raider.  This gives readers an initial insight to our protagonist abilities and personality as she makes quips about property damage, insurance, and being too broke to pay a deductible.  Travelers make their pitstops in Greenhill, WA in hopes of seeing Xob getting down to business saving the day.  All that and a millennia old nemesis for the power of Xob is plotting to take over the world...

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