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Tips and tricks to make you a better gamer by Daniel Daubenspeck

Hello gamers, and welcome to the first installment of “Under the Tabletop”!  In this series I’ll discuss ways you can expand your role-playing, tackle tough problems at the gaming table, and take advantage of various tips and tricks for an overall better tabletop experience.

In this first article I’ll be discussing the most important thing to enjoying your tabletop experience: being a good gamer.  This has nothing to do with how well you build a character or how amazing you are at tactical combat and bypassing challenges, but how you approach being part of a gaming group...

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Kickstarter/Indiegogo Spotlight: “Catan” Real Wood Edition

“Catan” Real Wood Edition – The premium solid wood release.


Do you like Settlers of Catan?  If you don’t (and those people exist) you probably know someone who does.  Do you like games that offer exceptionally high quality game pieces?  Who doesn’t?

Seriously, check this project out.  Here’s the highlights: Solid wood board pieces, that latch together perfectly. Number tokens that are set into the board, not onto it (again, wood). The (still wood) Robber piece fits over the numbers.  At this point either nothing moves, or everything does.  No more realigning pieces because the table gets bumped.

The campaign levels are well thought out, with several lower level options designed to upgrade you existing Catan game with real wooden pieces, or the wood board...

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51uU9XDq1sLSlapshot is a wheeling, dealing game for hockey fans. Each player assumes the role of team manager. The object is to skillfully manage your team into the playoffs and then win the championship. During the regular season you can improve your team with drafts and trades, but injuries can upset the best of plans. Ultimately, your skill as manager determines if your team wins or loses.Slapshot includes 54 zany hockey players like Slash Gordon, Puck Rogers, Ian Jury, Cheap Shot, Le Goon, and Jack the Tripper.Slapshot is fast, furious, fun, and simple to play. Lace up your skates and checkout the game celebrated as the closing game each year at the World Boardgame Championships.Slapshot was originally published in 1975 under the name Team by Gamma Two Games...

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Superfight_Core_grandeSUPERFIGHT is a game where you argue with your friends over ridiculous fights. The game is very simple. It’s fun for all levels and kinds of players.

The main deck consists of 500 cards, split between character cards (white cards), and powers and weaknesses (black cards). These cards are used to create fights like this:


As you can imagine, the arguments over who would win the fight are epic and hilarious.

Seriously, seriously fun. I played this last night with the two boys and the arguments were flying fast and furious. In fact, my phone rang and we didn’t quit playing, we just added in another person to the madness...

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Kickstarter/Indiegogo Spotlight: Twilight Arcana: Queens of the Twelve Realms


I have a confession to make. I don’t like tarot cards, i think that the seriousness with which their practitioners treat their craft is kinda creepy. So when I learned that they were making a game based on tarot cards, I was skeptical. But as I read through the Kickstarter page I started to become more intrigued.

Twilight Arcana is based on the children’s game Sleeping Queens by Gamewrite, and was developed with their blessing. Players take turns trying to gain influence over the 12 Queens, through a variety of different ways. The game is a player vs player model, with a strong element of luck, as well as strategy, involved. A player in the lead one turn can easily find themselves falling behind in the next.

The artwork on the cards is stellar, based on a medieval fantasy theme...

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