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Kickstarter/Indiegogo Spotlight: Portals of Pangaea™ – A Tabletop RPG-ish Adventure!

There are so many tabletop games that I see which I truly want to play but never do. This week we feature another great example with the RPG-ish adventure Portals of Pangaea. Make sure you do the smart thing and check out the Kickstarter page to help this adventure come to life.

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Kittens in a Blender


Kittens in a Blender is a wonderful card game with a terrible premise, published by Redshift Games in 2012 with a follow up expansion in 2015.  To win this game, you want to save the most kittens from being blended, but only your kittens.  To do that, you play kittens either into The Box (from where they will hopefully be saved), onto The Counter (a neutral area), or into The Blender (which will make cute and cuddly margaritas of the kittens within). As play progresses, you can move kittens of any player’s colour between the three areas. When you feel there are enough of your kittens available to be saved in The Box, you can attempt to do so.  Here is the really twisted part: in order to save the kittens in the box, you have to start The Blender...

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The Red Dragon Inn


Almost every good fantasy story has at least one scene in a tavern or inn. Whether it’s a book or a game, the inn lets protagonists meet, plan, scheme, and (most importantly) drink. So what happens when the story never leaves the inn? Crack open SlugFest Games’ The Red Dragon Inn and find out.

As well as being the title of the game, The Red Dragon Inn is the location where a motley crew of player characters meet and drink.  Each character has a semi-unique deck of cards, letting the players take or avoid a variety of actions including, as you do at an inn, gambling. Gambling takes place as a sort of mini-game that requires no actual “gambling” and very little skill.

At the end of each turn the player buys a drink for someone, and anyone with a drink card will “drink” it...

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Onitama is a two player abstract strategy game distributed by Arcane Wonders as part of their Dice Tower Essential line of games, juried by Tom Vasel of The Dice Tower.

The game is played on a simple five by five grid. Each player has a Master piece and four Monk pieces. Both types of pieces move the same, according to one of the placement pattern options available on the two cards in front of that player.  When a player uses a card’s movement, they place that card to the side of the board for their opponent to access after they make their next move, and then take the card that their opponent used last turn. Out of the entire deck, there are only a total of five face up cards in play at a time, two in front of each player and one in between...

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Samurai Spirit


Samurai Spirit is a cooperative game for 1-7 players from Funforge. If you hadn’t already figured it out before getting to the end of the rulebook, or even just the description, the Author’s Notes point out that this game was inspired by Akira Kurosawa’s brilliant movie Seven Samurai. The game allows players to take on the role of up to seven samurai defending a village from raiders. (See what I mean about that inspiration?) Each playable samurai has a unique talent and ability, as well as an Animal Spirit that makes them more powerful.

The village is a reasonably small board with tokens representing the families and farmsteads of the village and the protective barricades that surround it...

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