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What kind of a world do you play in?

What kind of a world do you play in? Do you play using a
pre-generated world – such as Forgotten Realms, Dragonlance, World of Darkness,
or even Shadowrun perhaps? Or do you prefer the home brew world where you are
the Almighty creator? Do you meld the two – making your own Expanded Universe
of a sort?

For me, it depends on the setting.  When I run Star Wars, it is in what is called
the Rebellion era. Usually either just before or just after the events of A New
Hope, and I have yet to make it to Return of the Jedi.  I will use existing canon(minus
midichloreans) but will also add my own spin on things. For Shadowrun, if it is
a new campaign I start off around 2051 and move forward from there.  I follow the time line and keep up with the
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Living and Dying by the Dice

When you run a game, are your dice rolls absolute?  Do your players live or die based on random
chance or worse yet the fickle whims of the Dice Gods? As a GM who’s been
running some form of a game for the better part of 20 years, I must say that
how I use the results of my dice rolls are completely dependent on the game and
the situation.
I am not a Malevolent GM. I don’t enjoy killing off
characters. Hurting them- check. Maiming them – sure. Having them lose all
their treasure just to escape – oh yeah. 
Burn a few bridges or earn the ire of the evil warlord – oh Gods yes.  Indiana Jones didn’t look so good after he
finally recovered the Ark of the Covenant. Neither do my players once they
finish a brutal session.
By the same token, I’m not a benevolent GM either...
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Kickstarter of the Week: The Ragged Man Adventure

I’m back again with my Kickstarter addiction!  Actually, I’m
realizing “addiction” is the wrong word.  I’m more of a “Kickstarter connoisseur”. “Addict” implies I’ll back just *any* project. Not true. I throw my endorsement behind projects I’d truly love to see thrive.  This one is no different.

Those in Southern Arizona are no strangers to the Adventures Under The Laughing Moon,
a table top RPG set in a universe created by local teacher and author,
Todd Vanhooser.  It’s finally time for a new adventure!  Part
fantasy/part horror, The Ragged Man
is an independent campaign set in the Laughing Moon universe.   With
all of the compelling story elements veterans of the game are familiar
with, countless hours of fun are sure to be had with this project.

So grab your dice bag, thr...
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Battle Cattle

Battle Cattle the Card Game is designed by Steve Jackson Games and based on the miniatures game of the same name by  Wingnut Games. The basic premise of the game is based on bovine mech warfare. Each player (up to 6) takes the role of one of the pre-designed ‘Battle Cattle’ mechs which are exactly the same save the name and color scheme. Once you have drawn your initial cards you’re ready to go.

Generally speaking this is a fast paced game as you dice up your enemies with auto-cannon sprays, rams with your horns, methane strikes, and even slapped with flaming cow pies or burned with flamethrowers. Each side of your mech has points of armor and each card is a direct attack to one of the various parts on your mech...

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Kickstarter of the Week: MaricopaCon 2013

The Grass Roots Gaming Convention of Arizona

August 3rd and 4th, 2013 at the Mesa Convention Center

MaricopaCon started in 2010 as a local yearly mini-con at someone’s house that is growing into something bigger each year.  Board games, card games, tabletop war games, and RPGs flourish at MaricopaCon.  Attendees get to play those old school games they played when younger, plus the new popular games out there.

The team being assembled for MaricopaCon 2013 is some of the best Gamemasters in the southwest gaming community.  Come play your favorite games and learn some new ones.  Browse the dealers’ tables for some cool loot.  Show off your custom D6 dice and canvas bag.  The team organizing the convention has 40+ combined years of experience planning and helping out gaming conventions...

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