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Star Trek: Into Darkness

Well, that rascally crew of the Enterprise is back for some more madcap
shenanigans in this lighthearted romp brought to us once again by JJ
Abrams.That should be enough for the purposes of a “preview” paragraph,
right? I want to make sure there are no spoilers here.

*****************Spoilers Below!***********************
OK, everyone had a chance to click away? Good.
 I’m writing this barely an hour after having finished watching Star
Trek Into Darkness and I gotta say: I’m not entirely sure how I feel
about it yet. I mean, it was great and I was largely entertained, don’t
get me wrong. But there were some elements that left me uneasy about the
whole of the movie. 
First, let’s talk about the
elephant in the room – Benedict Cumberbatch. Yes he played a
fantastically cold villa...
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