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Outer Darkness #2

Writer: John Layman
Artist: Afu Chan
Letterer: Pat Brosseau

SYNOPSIS: 700 years into the future humans and a hostile alien race are at war in space. The human race has perfected space travel, and they discover that when any living body shuffles off the mortal coil, the soul is then shot into the outer darkness of space, where they are trapped for eternity and pissed about it!

THE STORY: I really like the story here this is from the writer of CHEW by Image Comics which is personally one of my favorite stories. I happened to have already read issue one and I realize that’s a bit of an advantage because nothing story wise is explained in this issue...

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Red Flags


Red Flags is a card game of social debate, from Skybound Games, in the same family as Cards Against Humanity and Superfight.  In a game of Red Flags one player takes the roll of the Bachelor(ette).  The remaining players each take two white cards from their hand, each with a unique personal trait, to create a potentially ideal date for the Bachelor. For example, the first potential date could be an astronaut who loves all the same music as you.  Once each player has played their cards and introduced their potential suitors, everyone gets the opportunity to play a red flag on the player next to them.  These are red cards that represent a negative trait. So now you have an astronaut who loves all the same music as you, BUT they tell you to calm down after everything you say...

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I like to describe Superfight as Cards Against Humanity with fights.  The comparison is hard NOT to make.  Visually the core set is simple black cards and white cards, and functionally they are combined to create an amusing outcome, very similar to CAH.  Older versions, and some current variants, of the rules actually played much closer to CAH then the current ruleset I’ll describe here.

The current ruleset consists of a series of one-on-one contests, with the winner remaining in the game and the next player entering to challenge them.  Player One draws three white (character) and three black (attribute) cards.  Player Two does the same.  They each pick a single white and black card, playing them facedown in front of them...

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