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Dragon Dice


Flashback to the mid 1990s:  Magic: The Gathering was in it’s infancy, and the concept of Collectible Card Games had boomed, largely busted, and was rebuilding. Toy Story was about to revolutionize computer animation.  The internet was generally accessed by slow, external, dialup modems. It was basically the stone age.

It was into this world that TSR introduced the Collectible Dice Game known as Dragon Dice, to some degree of critical acclaim. By the dawn of the new millennium TSR had been purchased by Wizards of the Coast, who eventually mothballed the game.  Enter the newly founded SFR Inc who purchased the rights to Dragon Dice, and continues to produce it today.

As previously mentioned, Dragon Dice is a Collectable Dice Game in which a player creates an army out of a selection of...

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