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Interview with Blind Ferret

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Interview with WETA Workshop

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Interview with Clare C. Marshall

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Jurassic World

Apparently I didn’t see the same movie that made $500M
in it’s opening weekend, and instead saw something by Micheal Bay.

Easily the worst of the four Jurassic Park movies, with cardboard
two-dimensional characters that couldn’t hold a candle to the earlier cast.

It was hard to not check off the by-the-numbers death scenes as they ticked by
complete with Redshirt nod, and it was even harder to care about a single
person who died. The possible exception being the nearly invisible assistant
whose sole role seemed to be to make Howard’s character even less empathetic
than she did on her own.

Chris Pratt – the cardboard hero with a moral compass who saves the day,
repeatedly. Oh, he was in the Navy, and that matters for some reason…but that’s

Bryce Dallas Howard – the completely irrele...

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BONUS Kickstarter/Indiegogo Spotlight/Review: Aftermath: The Beginning

We finally got play the pre-production version of Aftermath: The Beginning, but it was well worth the wait. Developer and creator Nicholas Fong of FongoMongo Games out of Edmonton sat down with us and we were able to play a few games to try out some different gameplay options.

In short you’re helping rebuild an isolated country after a disaster, and the role you play gives you abilities that can define your approach. You want to gain influence and control to help you with the rebuilding, but there are many roads to the endgame, some more morally…questionable…than others.

Aftermath is quick to pick up, and moves rapidly around the board. There is always interaction, even when it isn’t your turn...

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