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13456899A vampire owing child support . . . A law student stranded in a war-torn fantasy world . . . A trigger-happy collections agent who repossesses unpaid gadgetry . . . . . .and these are the good guys. Why should it be natural to read tales of valor, carried out by heroes who are brave, noble, or even good? Why can’t the villain save the day once in a while? Or maybe the damsel in distress? Or perhaps a disinterested third party? Within this collection are thirty-six dark little stories wrapped around the odd theme of “unheroic” individuals making a difference. This twisted, eclectic mix of sci-fi, fantasy, and horror tales will leave you looking at the real world through different eyes. Should the hero’s journey only be reserved for the pure of heart? You be the judge.


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Legacy of the Silver Scorpion

6840713On a soggy November night in 1940, New York City’s protector and top gang buster, a trench coated, masked vigilante known as the Silver Scorpion, is about to be murdered by a turncoat cop. Suddenly a pretty blonde appears in an expanding ball of light and shoots him point blank with what looks like a shiny metal bazooka. The Scorpion disappears.

One hundred and forty years later, a clandestine organization known as the Lazarus Project prepares to risk incarceration, ruin, and death in order to reverse the effects of almost a century and a half of decadence and corruption. America’s once great city is now its biggest cesspool.

It’s a daunting task. The good people of the city have all given up or moved out. The evil rule ruthlessly. The city needs a hero. The city needs hope...

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Interview with Robert J Sawyer

Recently, our very own David Chapman had the opportunity to sit down and chat with science fiction author, Robert J Sawyer. We’re thrilled to be able to share it with all of you!

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Henry’s Stories Vol 2

henrys-stories-volume-2From the dusty tracks of the Moon to the volcanoes beneath the sea, with a few side trips to alien planets and alternate reality, these short fiction stories from Henry Melton’s collection will give your imagination a good stretch.

Here are a variety of tales, from whimsy to adventures to serious speculation. A few have seen print in the traditional science fiction magazines or in anthologies, but the majority are new, seeing print under an ISBN stamped cover for the first time.

  • The Attorney for Passenger Pigeons
  • Duck and Cover
  • Maggie’s Marbles
  • The Third Wish
  • Wildlife
  • Going Green
  • The Manta
  • Turkey Dinner
  • Milemarkers
  • It’s a Wonderful Morning
  • In a Black Mood
  • Partly Murphy
  • The Christmas Count


As promised, I’m back with the review for Volume 2! I am thr...

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Henry’s Stories Vol 1

HSV1-2inch-200x300A girl plays a video game and gets more than she bargained for. A talking wristwatch leads a man on a search for forgetfulness.

Henry Melton’s short fiction has been gracing magazines and anthologies since the 70’s. Beginning in 2011, he has begun an on-line magazine to collect these old stories, and many new ones, into a place were new readers can discover them. This is the first volume of a series to collect some of these short tales and adventures into traditional anthologies.


Everybody Knows Bob



The One

Bad Blood


Forget It!

Far Exile

Making It Fit


This is another book that I found stashed in my review pile that I’m working hard to get through...

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