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Stellar Detective Tales: The Hunt for the Living Shadow

Stellar Detective Tales

In the year 2073, Earth, suffering from overcrowding, energy shortages, and planetary disaster, sent 8 million people aboard a colony ship towards Proxima Beta, the nearest habitable planet. For 100 years this ship, the NEW YORK, better known to its inhabitants as ‘The NAWK’, has traveled in relative peace. But with 900 years to go, cracks are beginning to form in the perfect society. It is into the warm pot Detective Leslie Flynt finds himself thrust into the life of Officer Samuel Teegs, becoming a member of the thin blue line in a century he’s never even imagined.


Every so often, you get something kind of spectacularly cool. In this case, I received the very first copy of the very first print run of a book...

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Ethan Bryant thought he would be in stasis with his beloved wife, Aria for the 50 year long trip from Earth to the colony planet of Minea. Little did he realize as the last one to go to sleep that the caretaker of the vessel would drop dead of an aneurysm and he would be left as the sole person to keep the ship running during its decades long trip to their new home. By the time his wife awakens from her deep sleep, he would be a wizened old man.

Eventually he resigns himself to his dreary fate and takes to his job as caretaker, but then the unexpected happens. The computer awakens a female engineer who doesn’t seem at all pleased to see him. Worse yet, the pair soon discover the their ship isn’t headed where they thought...

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The Eterna Files

It’s sixteen years after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the United States and England are in an arms race, but it has nothing to do with bombs or guns.  This race is for the secret of immortality.  Each country has teams of scientists, theorists and spiritualists working feverishly to decode the ultimate secret: how to cheat death itself.  Both teams have suffered the loss of their key scientists at virtually the same time.  Is this intercontinental espionage or something more nefarious at work?

The Americans are headed up by the feisty medium Clara Templeton who faces the loss of her lover among the other various quandaries...

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Interview with WETA Workshop

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Horizon Alpha: Predators of Eden

horizonAlphaCoverThe Earth is gone. Boom. Cosmic dust. But all hope is not lost. Four colony ships were launched prior to the disaster that claimed the planet. Three of these made it out of the solar system and this is the tale of one of those ships. Horizon Alpha. Alas, the colonists had no way of knowing that their new Eden already had a thriving population. Here there be dinosaurs.

A freak explosion in the centuries old colony ship forces an emergency evacuation and three years later the human colonists are barely surviving behind a makeshift electric fence cobbled together from their vehicles and powered by a failing power supply...

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