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RPG tagged posts

Robotech The Roleplaying Game

Like many people my age, Robotech was one of my first exposures to anime. I have fond, yet vague, memories of Saturday morning space battles against the Zentraedi forces. It wasn’t until many years later that I found out there was more to it, and I still don’t know nearly as much as I wish I did or the time to put into it that I wish I could. When I first had the opportunity to write about Attack on the SDF-1 and Ace Pilot I was stoked. Even in the video that I shot about them, I excitedly mentioned that this RPG was coming down the pipes.

Robotech The Roleplaying Game is not the first RPG based on the franchise, but it does certainly have the potential to be the most successful. The titling is interesting, as the proper name is Robotech: The Macross Saga The Roleplaying Game...

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BESM 4th Edition

BESM stands for Big Eyes, Small Mouth, named after the art style common in anime and manga. The first edition of the game came out in the mid-90s, the project eventually landing in the lap of White Wolf, who recently licenced it back to Dyskami Publishing for this beautifully put together 4th Edition. We’ve reviewed Dyskami’s Sailor Moon Crystal games in the past, and several contributors to earlier BESM editions are back for this new edition. In short, there’s some great experience behind this game.

Interestingly, there are two parallel editions of BESM. The full 4th Edition rulebook we are looking at here, and a streamlined and stripped down version entitled BESM Naked. (Stripped down. Naked. Get it?) We’ll be looking at Naked in a few weeks, but for now, we’ll focus on the full version.

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Kickstarter/Indiegogo of the Week: New Bristol.

To a broad segment of the RPG world, one of the largest and most popular systems is Savage Worlds. Over the years I’ve seen a ton of games built around the Savage Worlds engine, but I’ve simply never had the time or opportunity to dig into it. As a result, I see the logo and just pass by. That is in no way a negative judgment, simply reality of our limited and linear time. The reason I bring that up is to frame where I’m coming from in this Spotlight. I didn’t come across it via the Savage Worlds community, but rather from Endless Realms, which I’ve reviewed in some detail...

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Tale From The Loop – The Roleplaying Game (Our Friends The Machines & Other Mysteries)

[We’ve presented several Tales from the Loop reviews lately. Our Friends The Machines & Other Mysteries is a sourcebook for the roleplaying game. If you don’t know the game, you may want to start with our review of the Core Rulebook.]

Tales from the Loop is a roleplaying game that, more than anything, is driven by story. So it makes a certain amount of sense that the first sourcebook would focus primarily on Mysteries, the adventures undertaken by Kids in the game. The three main Mysteries in the book are Our Friends the Machines, Horror Movie Mayhem, and The Mummy in the Mist.

Our Friends the Machines has players investigating strange happenings after a line of robot action figures is launched at the local toy store...

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Tale From The Loop – The Roleplaying Game

This is the first Tales from the Loop product I started, but the third review I’ve written on it this week. First I wrote a CrowdFUNding Spotlight on the upcoming board game (that funded in the blink of an eye). I followed that up with a review of Amazon Prime Video’s new 8 episode television adaptation, over at Geekorama.net.

Today I get to take us all the way back to the beginning, sort of. Not the actual beginning, but the beginning for many people and certainly for most gamers. Tales from the Loop: “Roleplaying in the ’80s that never was.”

Originally created as a personal side-project by artist Simon Stålenhag, Tales from the Loop was FIRST published as a narrative art book in 2014, followed by Things from the Flood in 2016...

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