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World Premiere of “Image Revolution” at Amazing Arizona Comic Con

In 1989, I was 9 years old. I was buying comics from
the corner store: “Ghost Rider”, “Weapon X”, “Deathlok”…whatever I
could get my hands on. For my 10th birthday, my friend gave me New
Mutants #100 and the artwork combined with the unbridled action and
fast-paced story jump-started something in me. When New Mutants turned
into X-Force, I stuck with it. 10-year-old me had no idea how much
bigger my comic-loving universe was about to become shortly afterwards.

Amazing Arizona Comic Con 2014 screened the world premiere of
“The Image Revolution”. This documentary written and directed by Patrick
Meany (“Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods” and “Warren Ellis: Captured
Ghosts”) takes us through the genesis of Image Comics through the
firsthand accounts of Todd MacFarlane, Jim Lee, Rob L...

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Amazing Arizona Comic Con: Guinness Book of World Records Attempt

A few weeks before I was to attend Amazing
Arizona Con
, I was invited to participate in a “Guinness Book
of World Records Comic Book” event while I was there.  This project,
spearheaded by Jesse James (who runs Jesse James Comics in Glendale), Shawn Demumbrum
(publisher and writer at SpazDog Press), and of course creative space
provided to us on the con floor by AAC director Jimmy Jay.   

Our goal was to break the record for “most
contributors to a single book” and “shortest time frame” to do
so.  I was intrigued and needed no more convincing: I wanted to be a part
of this.  I got my scheduled time from Jesse (9:45a) and, since I didn’t
have a table this year, this allowed me into the convention hall before the
general crowd and made my way to the back of the hall...
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