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Free Comic Book Day: Everybody Reads Books & Stuff

LANSING – The air is rent by a volley of piercing shrieks.

Customers at the Free Comics table look up in bewilderment. The happy screams belong to Lola, two-and-a-half years old, as she rockets across the floor.

“She just loves to scream,” father Jeff Schroeder says with a helpless shrug, flipping through a Savage Dragon comic.

Jeff and several dozen others, adults and children of all ages, have come to Everybody Reads bookstore in Lansing to sample the wares on Free Comic Book Day. It’s a big social event, with families from all over Lansing – and even some out-of-towners – hopping among Lansing and East Lansing’s comic book stores.


“We came in from Portland,” says Eric Hendrie. “I try to hit as many stores in the area as possible...

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Vikings #1

From the chronicles of the History Channel’s truly epic series, Vikings, comes a new saga of glory and plunder! Ragnar, Lagertha and their legendary kin sail once more for England and run straight into a shield wall of politics, intrigue, betrayal and, of course, axe-wielding, blood-spraying, sword-swinging combat!

I haven’t seen History’s Vikings series, so I can’t comment on its artistic success. On the subject of the comic, however, I am quite ready to pass judgment. Its crime: being yet another limp franchise tie-in.

It ain’t bad, it ain’t good, it’s just…there. Phoned in. For being based on a historical drama, there’s an utter lack of drama, either in the art or the writing.

The art is indeed bloodless – as in wan, colorless. Even the gore isn’t scarlet...

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Micronauts #1

THEY CAME FROM A DYING UNIVERSE! ACROYEAR, SPACE GLIDER, BIOTRON and their allies are back, on the run from the evil BARON KARZA, and blasting through a universe where magic and science vie for control! With resources dwindling, the long-lost TIME TRAVELERS may hold the key to salvation… but will it mean Armageddon for our world?

“Micronauts”, in case you are wondering, are a line of toys vaguely similar to Transformers in look and origin. Interestingly, Micronauts predate Transformers by eight years, but never really took off in the States. Their license bounced along a string of toy companies, before finally coming to rest with SOTA (State of the Art) Toys, which kicked around plans for reviving the line before letting it sink. The Micronauts comic faced a similar fate: first Marv...

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Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor #1+2

It’s another adventure of the fan-favorite Fourth Doctor, he of the frizzy coiff and multicolored scarf! Having dropped into late-19th-century London for a Wild West Show, The Doctor and Sarah Jane find themselves nabbed by dapper Cyclopes in thrall to one Lady Emily Carstairs. The Doctor is rescued by “Chrononautologist” Odysseus James and his scrappy daughter, Athena…but Sarah Jane is in the clutches of the time-obsessed Lady Emily! What in Time is going on, and what does Lady Emily have in store for the Doctor and His Companion?

Having already read one issue of The Ninth Doctor, I’m finding Titan’s Doctor Who line rather enjoyable...

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Joyride #1

Uma and Dewydd are stuck. Earth is surrounded by a shell which blocks out the stars and keeps aliens from invading…but also imprisons Earthlings behind it! Now the two teenagers have a plan to bust out and journey across the galaxy. But with the Triumvirate on their tail, a pesky soldier out to prove her worth, and alien slavers looking for humans, they may be in more trouble than they bargained for! Thrill to this first issue of Joyride from BOOM Studios!

Joyride #1 is a gorgeous bit of outer-space fun.

Visually, it has the whole package: Manga-inspired lineart by Marcus To and lush colors by Irma Kniivila, all wrapped in imaginative layouts by Scott Newman. It’s one of those rare comics that’s actually a joy to look at, instead of panel after panel of talking heads.

The story star...

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