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Doctor Who: The Fourth Doctor #1+2

It’s another adventure of the fan-favorite Fourth Doctor, he of the frizzy coiff and multicolored scarf! Having dropped into late-19th-century London for a Wild West Show, The Doctor and Sarah Jane find themselves nabbed by dapper Cyclopes in thrall to one Lady Emily Carstairs. The Doctor is rescued by “Chrononautologist” Odysseus James and his scrappy daughter, Athena…but Sarah Jane is in the clutches of the time-obsessed Lady Emily! What in Time is going on, and what does Lady Emily have in store for the Doctor and His Companion?

Having already read one issue of The Ninth Doctor, I’m finding Titan’s Doctor Who line rather enjoyable...

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Joyride #1

Uma and Dewydd are stuck. Earth is surrounded by a shell which blocks out the stars and keeps aliens from invading…but also imprisons Earthlings behind it! Now the two teenagers have a plan to bust out and journey across the galaxy. But with the Triumvirate on their tail, a pesky soldier out to prove her worth, and alien slavers looking for humans, they may be in more trouble than they bargained for! Thrill to this first issue of Joyride from BOOM Studios!

Joyride #1 is a gorgeous bit of outer-space fun.

Visually, it has the whole package: Manga-inspired lineart by Marcus To and lush colors by Irma Kniivila, all wrapped in imaginative layouts by Scott Newman. It’s one of those rare comics that’s actually a joy to look at, instead of panel after panel of talking heads.

The story star...

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Jughead and Archie Spring Annual Digest #20

Archie and Vegas’s new trick has made a viral splash, and Archie’s collapsing under the pressure of his pup’s newfound popularity! Can Archie get everyone to quiet down, or will he and Vegas be doomed to never walk the streets of Riverdale in peace again? Find out in “Paws for Effect” the entertaining, new lead story to this special spring annual, featuring even more pages of fun!

You either like Archie or you don’t. I don’t like Archie. This Digest was my first real exposure to the franchise, and I have concluded that Archie’s reputation for lameness is well-earned.

The Blah begins with the art. It reminds me of the blander class of Sunday comics, along the lines of Marmaduke. Basic Archie-shapes drift about through sunny suburban whitebread backgrounds...

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Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #1

BBC presents the ongoing adventures of Doctor Who! On the run with companion Rose and the roguish Jack Harkness, The Ninth Doctor lands the TARDIS on planet Gharusa. But something is definitely amiss! Number Nine can’t even handle a planet full of his biggest fans; what will happen when he meets…himself? Thrill to another mind-and-space-bending episode of The Ninth Doctor!

I was dubious about The Ninth Doctor at first. Film tie-ins have a reputation for being slapdash, and I worried this installment was just another means of turning a quick buck. So imagine my surprise! Doctor Who: The Ninth Doctor #1 turned out to be rather good.

The art is Dark Horse-esque: Mainstream with just a tiny dash of Independent for flavor...

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