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Grimm Universe Presents 2019

Grimm Universe Presents 2019 Cover

Could a modern anthology be worthy of a buy from me? Surely not! I mean I totally hate anthologies, right?

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Grimm Tales of Terror No. 7 Vol 4: Polybius

Writer: Ralph Tedesco

Artist: J.G. Miranda

Letterer: Pablo Amelia

Publisher: Zenescope

Synopsis:  Donnie has had a life of success. After wrecking his car on an Oregon highway, Donnie finds himself in a convenience store not far from where he grew up.  In the store he meets a game he hasn’t played since 1983 and a return to the haunting memories that have followed him.

Review: Polybius is an urban legend that one of my children loves talking about. This is why it really caught my interest to read this take on  the story. This version really brought this legend to life in a morbid kind of way. Not only in the story itself, but in the detail of Donnie’s memories that surround the summer of 1983 and its aftermath...

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Zenescope Brings Age of Darkness Tour to San Diego Comic Con International

Zenescope Entertainment:  Age of Darkness 2014 Tour Stop in San Diego, CA

Zenescope will bring their 2014 AGE OF DARKNESS TOUR  to San Diego Comic Con International  from July 23rdth – 27th. 
As Zenescope celebrates its 100th Grimm Fairy Tales issue,
Joe Brusha, Ralph Tedesco, Pat Shand, Anthony Spay and a host of
writers, editors, and artists will be on hand for autograph signings,
parties, and panels!
With the takeoff of the company and the expansion into children’s
publishing with the addition of Silver Dragon Books, Zenescope is
excited to meet loyal fans at Booth #2301
For more information and to schedule interviews please email press@zenescope.com.          


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Zenescope Reaches Major Milestone!


For an independent comic book publisher, getting to issue #50 is a milestone.  Getting to issue #100 is a LANDMARK!   Zenescope Entertainment, started in a garage by two Philly guys in 2005, has grown into a Top 10 Publisher with myriad fairy tales, horror, and fantasy titles plus working relationships with the biggest writers and artists in the business.

“It’s hard for me to believe we are getting ready to publish our 100th issue of Grimm Fairy Tales. It seems like not that long ago we publishing issue #1 and then trying to figure out how we were going to find enough fairy tales to make it to issue #25...

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Realm Wars Blast #1

“This is a series that fans can’t afford to miss. Not only is it
the culmination of the Age of Darkness storyline, but the fate of all
the characters in the Grimm Universe is at stake and no one is safe.
There will be a lot of twists and turns before the end and not everyone
is going to survive the series. It’s going to be an exciting and
surprising ride.”
– Joe Brusha, writer and co-creator
War is a must read for fans who’ve been enjoying all of the Age of
Darkness releases. Grimm 100 ends on such a great cliffhanger, you’ll
definitely want to know where it goes from there and how the Age of
Darkness story will end!”

– Ralph Tedesco, co-creator
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