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Quantum Conditioning – “Every Answer”

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Geek-o-Rama Debut: Quantum Conditioning

We are so happy to announce the debut of a new weekly feature here at Geek-o-Rama.  Courtesy of our very own Ross Demma comes the hilarious title Quantum Conditioning.
For those who may need some info on Pavlov and Schrodinger:
And without further delay, we give you yet another reason to look forward to Fridays.
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Quantum Conditioning

Image blatantly borrowed from Ross’ etsy shop

For quite a while now, I have had this little book sitting on the suitcases next to my bed (yes, I have suitcases stacked by my bed as a nightstand.) and I kept saying I was going to review it. Then, I went away this past weekend and brought back gazillions of pounds (just ask my shoulder) of new review material. In good conscience, I couldn’t move on to review any of that (and you know I’m twitching to) without telling you about this humdinger of a book.

Now, most of you probably know that I have a degree in Psychology (aka the expensive piece of paper). Imagine my total delight when I found out that¬†Ross¬†(creator of Asbestos who I totally adore) had written a book where one of the main characters is none other than Pavlov’s dog...

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