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Little Girl #1

Little Girl #1

Writer: Pat Shand
Artist: Olivia Pelaez
Colors: Fran Gamboa with J. C. Ruiz
Letters & Design: Jim Campbell
Publisher: Devil’s Due Comics

Home alone. Are you really? Is there something lurking in the dark, hiding just out of sight, waiting for you to fall asleep?

Sarah is home alone. It is just her and the stuffed Penguin Damen snuck into the house as an apology. So what woke her up in the middle of the night? Who spoke to her from the other room? What happened to Al?

Little Girl is the beginnings of a good old-fashioned ghost story. The stage is set and questions are raised, so when the issue ends the reader is hooked and curious as to who this murderous little ghost is and why does she not rest easy?

Pat Shand, the story’s writer, weaves an interesting tail of sex and be...

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Written by

Amy Shand & Pat Shand

Illustrated by

Vanessa Cardinali

Lettered & Designed by

Jim Campbell

Edited by

Shannon Lee

Created by

Amy Shand

In the whimsical Land of Nuggetiza, the various species of Clonsters live their lives separately from one another.  The quirky Earth Nuggets live in the Hilly Plains. The suspicious Pocket Robots hide out in the Junky Cove. The slow-moving Pocket Rocks dwell in the Mossy Marsh.  None of them know, though, what secrets lie beyond the looming trees of the Darkly Wood…until Polly, a young Earth Nugget, goes on an adventure to find her lost pet, a creature known as a Splat. What Polly discovers about Splats and the nature of her world will change the Land of Nuggetiza forever…if she can arrive home safely!

So like the Clonsters are...

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Robyn Hood: I Love NY #1

Robyn Hood shakes things up in this tale where it takes the classic and gives it a twist. With a female lead that takes charge in the city, protecting the weak, it creates an exciting new comic. Will things work out for this exciting hero or will it end deadly?

Joe Brusha takes a classic character and twists it up. The main character navigates through the city, protecting people in peril and busting up people dealing drugs. As a fan of the classic Robin Hood and Green Arrow, it feels the character is a mixture of the both of them. The issue is laid out very well, with exciting dialogue and an ending that left me hanging and wanting a bit more.

David Riveiro’s art is pleasing to the eyes so far...

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Robyn Hood 11

Robyn and Marian are going to Comic Con, no really, it’s true.  Issue number 11 of the series kicks off with Robyn and Marian having to take on a bevy of odd ball cases to keep their heads above water following a lawsuit, and of course the Cabal is still on their radar.

This issue starts with the duo interviewing a client who wants them to find a WARHAMMER which has cursed his family with among other things syphilis and boiling saliva.  The only problem is that the man has sold the cursed hammer on E-bay.  That makes sense.  First stop is the buyer, who has put it up for bid at the New York ComiCon.  But wait!  There is also a pack of werewolves looking to retrieve their mystic talisman.  Fortunately for them, it’s a comic convention, so they will blend in...

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Robyn Hood 9

Robyn and Marian were hired by the wealthy Ms. Rubino to
lift a magical hold on her bank account, but when Marian’s spell goes awry, the
account is purged. Rubino threatens legal action, but it’s the least of their
problems, as Marian is pursued by an insane Avella, and Robyn makes a dodgy
deal with the Rotter, a criminal looking to lift a powerful curse. Meanwhile,
the mysterious Cabal prepares for a cataclysmic event known as “the

Robyn and Marian are in the thick of it now.  With Avella on the rampage and the Cabal
still at large, these ladies certainly have their hands full.  They’ve been in some dire situations before,
but this one could prove to be more than one of them can handle.  As their list of enemies continues to grow,
Robyn and Marian now have to prior...
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