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Jeff Steinberg, Champion of Earth #5

The penultimate issue of Jeff Steinberg’s first series! Do you think Jeff even knows what the word “penultimate” means? Yeah, us either. It’s the second to last issue of Jeff’s first intergalactic adventure and our hero… Wait, “hero”? It’s not like he got chosen because he was saving kittens from trees or anything–he was just trying to poop… Anyway, it’s almost over! Jeff’s survived thus far, maybe he won’t actually screw everything up! (unlikely).

I always felt Jeff Steinberg had a heart underneath its slacker snark; with Issue 5, that heart is finally allowed to burst through.

The art has a great cartoon look; the writing is snappy, hilarious and awkward at the same time. Jeff himself is a lovable buffoon. He has to fight against the world – against its impression of him as an average, ...

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Night’s Dominion #2-4

When she’s not working as a barmaid, Emerane becomes the Night, the most wanted thief in Umber. But when the Furie, Umber’s self-proclaimed champion, declares himself her enemy, she’s soon penniless and desperate. Her only recourse is to join the Bard and his ragtag team of rogues as they infiltrate the Cult of Uhlume’s tower in search of untold riches. The tower is not as it seems, however, and our heroes—if we dare call them such—may find more than they bargained for in its murky depths.

Night’s Dominion’s protagonist, Emerane, is probably the most believable female character in comics today – I’d go so far as to say of any character. She’s utterly ferocious. Like an Oscar-worthy performer in a so-so cast, she burns her way out of the page and into your brain...

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Motro #2

The adventures of the boy who would be king continue! When Motro discovers a strange crystal artifact from another time, he’s given the opportunity to glance into the future. When he shares the find with the people of the next village, will the foreknowledge ruin everything? Motro isn’t looking for a fight, but if the fight comes to him, will he confront it or leave in exile once again?

Motro continues to dazzle with its simple, whimsical story, clever touches, and strange, puffy visuals. This issue wisely skips over the rest of Motro’s (apparently harrowing) childhood to his adolescence. There’s something endearing about this woeful, slightly chubby hero; there’s really nothing exceptional about him aside from his enormous strength.

This second issue, while solid, misses some of th...

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Space Battle Lunchtime #7

With a little help from fellow contestant Neptunia, Peony makes it out of Cannibal Coliseum before she gets skewered. But if they don’t get back to the Space Battle Lunchtime studio on the double, both Neptunia and Peony will forfeit their spots in the finale! It’s a race to the finish in this penultimate issue!

Space Battle Lunchtime is still one of the funniest, most original comics out there. With its quirky characters, watercolors, and quippy dialogue, it expands the notion of what comics can be. I can’t wait to see what Natalie Reiss has in store for us in the finale.

Final Verdict: 4 out of 5.

Space Battle Lunchtime #7 can be found at Oni Press Shopify

Geek-o-Rama received a copy of this book for the purpose of this review...

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Jeff Steinberg, Champion of Earth #4

It’s time for a training montage as Jeff explores his mech suit’s powers under the harsh tutelage of alien badass Cleompa. But despite a solid 20 minutes of hard(ish) work, Cleo questions Jeff’s commitment and ability to handle himself in intergalactic battle, which it turns out is a lot more important than anyone previously thought. Turns out Captain Dave and Reopsolom are really just ready to take over Earth and its valuable resources—the good stuff like fossil fuels, gold, middle-management—and Jeff serving as Earth’s champion is nothing more than a thin charade designed to fail immediately. The moment finally arrives for Jeff to take on his first challenge, God help us all.

Jeff Steinberg continues to entertain, with imagination and some laugh-out-loud moments...

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