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Angel City: Town Without Pity

Writer: Janet Harvey
Artist: Megan Levens
Colors: Nick Filardi
Publisher: Oni Press

Dolores Dare isn’t like most of the young starlets who come to Hollywood with dreams of fame on the silver screen. She works for Gino Volante as an enforcer, roughing up shop owners to collect debts. A career criminal hiding in plain sight, but her life is upended when her best friend, Frances Faye, is brutally murdered, found dead in a dumpster. Working with Joe, a reporter with connections throughout the city, Dolores begins to unravel the criminal activities of the biggest movie studios to get justice for her friend.

Angel City: Town Without Pity adheres rigidly to the tropes of conventions of Hollywood noir. The big star actor with a history of violence being covered for by the studio executives...

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Night’s Dominion: Season Two #1

Writer/Artist: Ted Naifeh

After the Night and her comrades saved the City of Umber from the army raised by the Cult of Uhlume, things have returned to normal. “Normal”, being the city on the edge of riot, with political disputes coming to a boiling point while people starve in the streets, barely able to afford bread.

In the aftermath of their adventures, the heroes who saved Umber are in various states of running to their previous lives. The magus Wikan has taken to the streets, hoping to make a living by selling the tales of how he saved Umber to the people, but no one seems to care to listen. Corentine has begun practicing medicine in the temple, much the the ire of another priest who does not see the gods in science...

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Dead of Winter #1

Writer: Kyle Starks
Artist: Gabriel Bautista

It’s the zombie apocalypse. You know the drill.

In all seriousness, Dead of Winter really doesn’t have much going for it. It seems to be going for a comedic tone, but its main joke is that the main character is a superhero dog. Except, the main character is really some guy named Gabriel, and the dog isn’t really a superhero, and the only joke is that the dog really hates zombies. In fact, they say it twice, because everyone knows that a joke is funnier if you repeat it without any alteration, right?

Aside from that one joke, it really is just the most generic zombie apocalypse story imaginable. There’s no preamble, just zombies, a colony of people, and a scavenging mission to a police station...

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Not Drunk Enough

Writer/Artist: Tessa Stone
Publisher: Oni Press

After a mad scientist unleashes mutated monstrosities in his lab, an unlikely group of friends and enemies will fight the monsters and each other while trying to stay alive and find the truth behind what happened.

Tessa Stone’s Not Drunk Enough is a Lovecraftian nightmare of grotesque imagery following an eccentric cast of anti-heroes, villains, and random people just trying to survive that balances a story of madness, loss, and betrayal with a dark, often hyperactive sense of humor.

The story follows Logan, a repairman who is called in with his partner Abrahm to deal with something at Varkira Labs, only to be attacked by shadowy creatures and knocked unconscious and saved by Malea, a security guard and the only person in the group with an...

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Night’s Dominion Vol 1

Writer/Artist: Ted Naifeh
Publisher: Oni Press

A bard, a mage, an assassin, a cleric, and a thief meet in secret to steal untold treasure from a cult growing in the heart of the city of Umber, but when their heist uncovers a plot to destroy all of Umber, they must decide if they will fight for the city, or watch as it burns to the ground.

Night’s Dominion by Ted Naifeh creates a fantasy world that is immediately engrossing, with a cast of likeable anti-heros and a plot that expertly balances small character moments with epic, large-scale battles. It draws you in from the moment it opens on the Maestro telling the tale of a long forgotten hero, and doesn’t let go until it’s told its own tale of mythic scale and heartfelt emotion.

The most striking thing to me about Night’s Dominion

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