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Mermin Volume 2: The Big Catch

Could Mermin be an Alien from outer space? That’s the big question and the basis for the second book about the mysterious fish boy written and illustrated by Jerry Weiser. Two rather strange, self-proclaimed alien hunters learn of Mermin through publicity over his exploits in the first story, and hope to capture him, gaining notoriety for themselves. The men track their quarry and his pals in a haphazard manner. One of them first attempts to snare this “alien” with a net, which he tears through with ease, and thinking the man to be a fisherman tells him he’s not the kind of fish normally caught.

From a library trip with friends, where Mermin’s identity as a prince of Mer is revealed, to a search for a new clubhouse, the intrepid fish boy manages to stay one step ahead of the alien hunters...

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Blood Feud: A Southern Nightmare of Terror #1

This story is set in the sleepy Southern town of Spider Creek. … a town that has recently been experiencing some menacing omens, including first a plague of spiders and then a plague of frogs. R.F. Coven and Cecil Burnett are two good ol’ boys who are first-hand observers to these events. They also enjoy their weekly poker game with friends, such as Big Jack Siever. As the card game begins, Cecil’s hunting dogs begin growling and barking at an outside intruder.  R.F., Cecil, and Jack check out the situation and discover Sue Hatchell is in the front yard. Sue is a pretty college girl and a newcomer to Spider Creek.  Her field of study concerns the arachnids in the area...

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Mermin Vol. 1: Out of Water

This children’s comic is a fish out of water story.  The lead character is literally a fish boy, who becomes dissatisfied with life in his undersea kingdom of Mer and decides to see what life is like on dry land. Washed ashore, he  is discovered by three children who amazingly aren’t all that afraid, but more curious about this sea creature.  After a few questions, they invite the fish boy, who introduces himself as Mermin, to play with them. Mermin seems averse to returning to the sea and has nowhere to go, so Pete takes him home with him after Mermin saves him from a shark encounter with an impressive display of physical strength.

The adventures begin at Pete’s house with meeting the parents and a revelation that Mermin has a fear of water...

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Elks Run: Tenth Anniversary Edition #1

There are small towns and then there are microscopically small towns. Elks Run is one of those places. It houses a scant population with nerves stretched to the breaking point. In the first issue of tenth anniversary of this title we find a repressed young man yearning for a different life. A boy dies in a tragic accident that is one part teenage prank and one part drunk driver. As the first issue closes we see what one town is willing to do to punish one of its own when they break the rules.

Anyone from a small town or has spent an extended amount of time in one will appreciate the creep factor of this story. The script starts slow with a minor amount of back story and then draws you into a tense narrative that accentuates the ways that small towns can explode in the face of a tragedy...

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Invader Zim #2

Dib knows ZIM’s sudden disappearance from Earth can only mean bad news for the human race. Can Dib stop him before Earth is just another alien-infested spaceside attraction like the universe’s biggest doughnut? 

When we last saw Zim, he was rocketing off the Earth for seemingly no reason. Dib followed him in an Irken spaceship he inherited, and the two proceed along an intergalactic chase that ends up at numerous “spaceside” attractions, including the Universe’s Biggest Donut and the Infinite Head. I loved the Invader Zim TV series, and I love this comic about as much. It feels right, like a proper continuation. I naturally read the dialog in the voices from the series, I can hear GIR’s high pitched child voice in my head when the GIR in the comics speaks...

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