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Invader Zim #3

An ancient secret, a four-hoofed legend, and a plot to kick all life off the earth. Now ZIM will stop at nothing to summon the awesome, mulish power of… The Star Donkey! 

My initial emotion when reading these new Invader Zim comics is severe depression. I get depressed because they only go to show how amazing it would be if we were still blessed to have Invader Zim on television today. But if that won’t come true, these comics are the next best thing and they prove that Invader Zim is still an amazing intellectual property. In this issue, Zim decides to summon something called “The Star Donkey” in order to kill everyone on Earth. He does this by impersonating an artist and creating “art installations” that are actually used to summon the donkey of stars. It’s pretty great...

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Coming Soon to a Comic Shop Near You #1

Who doesn’t like a buffet?  In this comic, Oni Press presents a sampler of 3 upcoming titles.  First up is a “Another Castle”, a whimsical fantasy offering that start princess a Misty, who found royal life a bit boring until she is kidnapped by the evil Lord Badlug.  It seems Badlug wants to force Misty into marriage and seize control of her kingdom.  Our sample opens up with Misty awakening to her captivity being tended by a well meaning Gorgon and Gargoyle.  She is presented with a wedding gown made of lace as strong as steel, velvet as slippery and snakeskin and a leviathan bone corset.

Despite her well meaning attendants the princess is not interested in marriage and converts the wedding dress into a strong and supple ninja garg allowing her to slip out of Badlug’s castle...

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Alabaster Shadows

Carter Normandy knows there’s something weird about the neighborhood he and his family move into. With the help of his new friends, Carter discovers a whole other world alongside his seemingly normal community-a world filled with terrifying monsters. Now it’s up to Carter and his friends to keep these monsters from crossing over into our world, or face the dire consequences! 

Alabaster Shadows, I hardly know her! Ok that one didn’t even make sense. Please don’t stop reading this review. There’s the old saying “don’t judge a book by it’s cover”. I don’t know who said it and they obviously weren’t referring to the Bible, but it’s a saying that is especially true when it comes to comic books. When I looked at the cover to Alabaster Shadows, I thought “What the hell is th...

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Hellbreak Vol 1

There are thousands of Hells, each unique, each terrible. With the proper tools and know-how… you can infiltrate Hell whether you’re dead or not. Project Kerberos has developed this forbidden technology, and a special forces extraction team is dispatched to rescue lost souls from the infernal realm.

“From the moment you were dragged screaming and bloody from your cow of a mother…you start building damnation…brick by brick…and you carry hell around with you for the rest of your days.”

The bad news is that hell is real. The worse news is that you can get possessed by a demon and have your soul cast into hell while your body insults people and spits out maggots...

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Exodus The Life After #1

Jude has been sent right back where he started: Purgatory. With no memory of his previous adventures or relationships, Jude’s existence is stark and empty. Yet, just outside his awareness, his friends—including the late, great Ernest Hemingway and a very tenacious preteen girl—struggle to free him. Because in the quest to overthrow God himself, the only person who stands a chance is his son.

In the debut of this series we see an act of terrorism that is really just an attempt to wake Jude up foiled by bad timing and a few decidedly demonic angels, talking rabbits, God and Satan disagreeing in a nightclub hosting musicians that have been dead and gone for decades and a last ditch effort from Hemingway and the girl to get through to Jude...

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