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Nikolas tagged posts

The Eterna Files

It’s sixteen years after the assassination of Abraham Lincoln and the United States and England are in an arms race, but it has nothing to do with bombs or guns.  This race is for the secret of immortality.  Each country has teams of scientists, theorists and spiritualists working feverishly to decode the ultimate secret: how to cheat death itself.  Both teams have suffered the loss of their key scientists at virtually the same time.  Is this intercontinental espionage or something more nefarious at work?

The Americans are headed up by the feisty medium Clara Templeton who faces the loss of her lover among the other various quandaries...

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Limbo Vol 1

Clay is a down on his luck PI who also happens to have no memory of anything that happened to him prior to waking up in Deande City 9 months ago.  He’s broke, he’s covered in bandages, and he seems to get beat up alot by redneck fishermen.  I didn’t say he was a particularly good private investigator.  At least he can get a good order of lizard on a stick for his troubles.  Is this a thing?  I didn’t know this was a thing.  If this is a thing, well, just yuck.  I have no identifiable proof that any lizards were harmed in the making of this comic.

Our main character’s luck goes from bad to worse when a sultry woman by the name of Bridgette sashays into his office asking for protection from the local drug lord and all around evil guy know as the Thumb...

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2000 AD Prog 1985

Simon Davis provides a gorgeous painted cover for this prog featuring Macha in the forefront wielding a bow while Slaine bears his ax in the background.  I love the colors of each character as well as the stark white background.  One of my favorite covers lately.  The artwork for Slaine is by far the best part of the strip and this cover shows you exactly why.

The theme of this issue is setup, setup, setup.  Pretty much every serial is all about setting up for the grand finales starting off with the long-running Dredd feature that probably has the most action of any of this month’s offerings. Our taciturn star is finally awake and putting his guards in their places...

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2000 AD Prog 1984

In the long and drawn out Dredd feature, The Lion’s Den, we finally begin to draw to a close.  The long suffering and pursued Judge Joyce makes it to a place a relative safety.  He’s taken refuge with Armitage who helps him begin to make sense of his harrowing ordeal in Brit-Cit and how it connects with Mega City One while out west the conspiracy gets deeper and deeper. Through it all the average citizen continues to suffer in the most prolonged ways.  This one has been anything but a nail biter, but we do get a brief glimpse of Dredd, heralding a return of the infamous taciturn star of the feature.

Pyschopomp, the Slaine serial continues to grind along in somewhat confusing and esoteric fashion...

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Death Head TPB

Zack Keller (co-creator of Dick Figures, the Streamy, IAWTV, and Annie Award–nominated web series with 650 million+ YouTube views) and Nick Keller (Turner of the Century) deliver a supernatural-horror thriller about family and creeping, terrifying murder!

What starts off as an innocent camping trip for parents Niles and Justine, quickly escalates into a fight and flight for their lives when they discover an abandoned town.  Before the know if they’ve landed in a crematorium that is turned on while they are still in it and they barely escape with their lives.  Niles does however walk away with a plague doctor mask as a souvenir of their adventure.  Little do they realize this will mark their family and all they know for execution.

Meanwhile their teenage daughter is beginning a phas...

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