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Bounty #1

The Gadflies were the most wanted criminals in the galaxy—robbing corporations to redistribute wealth to the destitute. Now, with a bounty to match their reputation, the Gadflies are forced to abandon banditry for a career as bounty hunters . . . ’cause if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em—then rob ’em blind!

The first issue also features a bonus of Redhawk and the Dirty Sparrow taking down a purveyor of fake monkey delicacies.

There is no end of trouble in store for Nina and Georgie as they attempt, emphasis on the word attempt, to fulfill their bounty contracts without killing anyone.

Bounty is an unrepentant action romp that makes no pretenses at being anything else.  The main characters are bigger and bolder than life...

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Lucas Stand #1

Lucas Stand is a military vet who can’t reintegrate into society and has emotionally cut himself off from the people he loves. At his lowest, Lucas does something he can’t take back. Hell comes calling, offering him the opportunity to make things right. Demons escaping Hell are upsetting the balance of evil, and now Lucifer has recruited Lucas to send them back.

It doesn’t matter in what era the demons escape-World War II, old-timey Hollywood, Vietnam, present day-he must learn to fit in both the past and the present. Given new purpose, Lucas starts to rebuild himself and his life, even as he struggles at the human cost that comes with it.

Being a newcomer to this character, I was really impressed with how smart and inventive this first issue came off...

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Action Man #1

ACTION MAN IS DEAD — LONG LIVE ACTION MAN! He’s the world’s greatest special agent… until he dies saving the planet, with all the world’s eyes on him. Now his young protégé has to step into the role — whether he’s ready or not!

I have long been a fan of IDW Publishing’s ability to take tired old franchises and breath new life into them.  I wish I could say that they have done the same thing with Action Man, but if the first issue is anything to go by, this one may be a bit of a miss for them. John Barber’s story just feels like the typical “passing the torch” plotline that we’ve read a dozen times.  Great hero dies doing something decidedly heroic and his younger protege is thrust into the role...

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2000 AD Prog 1987

Mega City One is heating up to an epic battle between Judges between the East and the West.  Judge Giant takes a beating from the Texans but turns the tables on them, delivering more than a little payback to the ten gallon hat wearing fascists.  He makes his way to the meeting with the renegade judges while back at the council Justice Keen is learning that her city has been completely compromised by the “invading” Judges and there isn’t a damned thing that she can do about it.  Another run of delayed frustration for this long running serial.  Cue the theme for anticipation.

Still on the battlefield Slaine is telepathically assaulted by the evil ugly guy...

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Ethan Bryant thought he would be in stasis with his beloved wife, Aria for the 50 year long trip from Earth to the colony planet of Minea. Little did he realize as the last one to go to sleep that the caretaker of the vessel would drop dead of an aneurysm and he would be left as the sole person to keep the ship running during its decades long trip to their new home. By the time his wife awakens from her deep sleep, he would be a wizened old man.

Eventually he resigns himself to his dreary fate and takes to his job as caretaker, but then the unexpected happens. The computer awakens a female engineer who doesn’t seem at all pleased to see him. Worse yet, the pair soon discover the their ship isn’t headed where they thought...

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