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Conan The Slayer #1

Alone, battle weary, and with nothing but his sword, Conan of Cimmeria faces his inevitable death in the arid wastes . . . but instead stumbles into a camp of Kozaki raiders. With a knife at his throat and a band of Turanian hunters at his back, will the half-dead barbarian find a new ally in the Kozaki chief?

Conan starts off this arc in rather bad straights, wounded, with an arrow in his shoulder and dead on his feet, he is also pursued by a band of warriors that want his blood for his time among the Zuagirs.  He is also haunted by his failure as a leader to his outlaw brethren.  Cullen Bunn brings a level of maturity that we don’t’ always see in a Conan title.

Usually, the taciturn Cimmerian lives a life without remorse or regret, reaving and pillaging from one adventure to another...

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2000 AD Prog 1989

Action!  Action! Action!  Finally we have some action in the long running Dredd serial that features Texan Judges taking over Mega City One with a plan to wipe out all the mutants and cyborgs, leaving a pristine (sort-of) utopia for humans.  Dredd and his team of crack Judges alongside Justice America end up in a stand-off.  They have the top floor wired, but Oswinn has her finger on the button to wipe out the Meg.  Who’s going to blink first?  This one has been one of the longest wind ups I can recall for 2k AD, but it just doesn’t grab me the way I’d like.

In The Brink, Kurtis learns that the remaining sane people on the stations advocate blowing up the current system and starting all over again with colonization on a brand new planet...

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Mythic TPB

Science is a lie, an opiate for the masses. The truth is, magic makes the world go ’round. And when magic breaks, MYTHIC fixes it. Apache shaman Waterson, Greek immortal Cassandra, and cell phone salesman Nate Jayadarma are the crack field team assigned with keeping the gears of the supernatural world turning, and more importantly, keeping you from ever knowing about it.

Join Eisner nominee PHIL HESTER (Green Arrow, The Coffin) and Eisner winner JOHN McCREA (Hitman, The Boys) on their latest expedition to the dark heart of weird comics.

This book starts out with Jay being “recruited” by the team, and when I say recruited, I mean that he is almost killed by a pair of demons masquerading as an old woman with a problematic cell phone.  That pretty much sets the tone for the whole series...

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Super Pro K.O. Vol 3

In the rough and tumble world of Super Pro K.O., professional wrestling is no joke. With contenders of every kind battling for glory on a nightly basis, there’s tons of drama inside and outside the ring!

Current SPKO champion and arrogant heel King Crown Jr prepares for a match against mysterious newcomer Bad Bad Butch O’Rowdy, who may care more about settling a personal score with Crown than the title itself.

Meanwhile, hotshot Joe Somiano is getting used to the spotlight as his career takes off, but will it be stopped with the arrival of baseball superstar turned wrestler Romeo Colossus?

Two parts professional wrestling, and one part manga, Jarrett Williams brings to life a curious and truly bizarre comic...

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2000 AD Prog 1988

The Texans continue to tighten the noose around the neck of Mega City One as Judge Alwin begins to hunt down the persistent thorns in her side.  Lewis and the other Psi-Judges are systematically neutralized to prevent them from acting as organizers for the remaining Judges loyal to the Meg.  It’s up to Dredd and his cadre of resistance fighters to take back Mega City One from the invaders.  This was is a bit on the low side but it is great to see so many familiar faces popping up in this one like America, Hershey, Lewis, Rico, etc.

In this issue of the Brink, Kurtz gets cornered by the mob of drug induced holy rollers and narrowly escapes by cutting off the gravity...

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