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Neverboy, a former imaginary friend, wants the real world. Julian Drag, a struggling artist, wants the imaginary. When these two meet, the real and the imaginary worlds collide in chaos. Julian and Neverboy, the dreamer and the dream, will have to face who they are in order to put things right again.

Although I’d like to provide this review without the summary or any spoilers, it’s much harder than it was with just the first book. Towards the beginning of the year, I was given the fantastic opportunity to read the first issue for this series. Now as the year is nearing its end, I am once again granted the chance to read the title in its entirety. With how much I absolutely loved the first issue of Neverboy, I could not wait to see how the whole thing played out.

The man we know only as N...

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Neverboy 1

This review is going to start off quite differently than how I normally would.  Typically, I’d start you off with the summary the publisher provided, but in this case, the spoilers would absolutely ruin the story.  And let me tell you, the story of Neverboy is one that at least in the first issue should be enjoyed without knowing anything ahead of time.

Now, the challenge of trying to give you at least some information on the story.  It’s a pretty basic premise of an average day for a man along with his wife and son.  That evening, they all head to the talent show at his boy’s school.  Right before his son gets ready to start though, that’s where everything starts to go awry...

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