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Apes ‘N’ Capes 4

It’s called evolution for a reason. We
haven’t stopped evolving. In fact, it’s increasing
exponentially. I could write a million words about this comic, and the
implications it presents.
Instead, I’m going to post some song lyrics I
like. It’s from an Norwegian indie band named Team Me. They came out
of nowhere. Their first album won a Grammy last year.
The bubble burst and I’m
so sorry
Couldn’t play out my part
Too scared to follow my
So here i am by the flood
So much easier to leave
than being left all alone
I spent days in a fever
Can we collide
Give me a ruthless
So here I am by the flood
So much easier to leave
than being left all alone
Knock me to my knees now
I’m on the floor
With a pack of wolves
outside my door
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Apes ‘N’ Capes 3

The circumstances of our main characters are still unfolding.
Living moment to moment, one breath at a time, unaware of the future that lies
before them, only the danger that surrounds them right now. They act on
impulse, on instinct and instinct serves us animals well. We should learn to
trust it more. It is there to protect us.
This chapter unearths the weaknesses that compel us to seek
each other out. It won’t be obvious at first, but loneliness and
isolation are the forces that bring our 3 main protagonists together. To what
end? Well, even I don’t know that yet and I’m
certainly not going to make anything up!
I won’t give it away,
but the implications of this comic are literally Earth shattering. Nothing in
this book is made up, and it shakes everything we know to the...
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Apes ‘N’ Capes 2

is the mysterious black-clad figure that steals into
 George Tremaynes treehouse in the dead of night? What
of the origins of Primer, the Bonnet Macaque lab assistant? And as for our
caped ape, what
s his story?
Enter the pages of Episode 2 for the answers to some of
these questions!
Grainne McEntee and
Matt Rooke
are a dream team. These secret titans of industry are using the comic book
medium to explore the very concept of what it means to be alive.
Humanity is just
another animal, striving to evolve and improve. For the first time though, we
consciously realize this and it’s scary. Where did we come from? Why
are we here? Where do we go when we die?
An orangutan doesn’t
ask these questions. He just quietly keeps the ecosystem pumping along with a
smile ...
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Apes ‘N’ Capes 1

is a hairy hero in all of us. Like it or not, our DNA is
 hardwired that way.
Like the air we breathe, we share that DNA with our closest
primate relatives. Somewhere along that path, we lost the essence. Apes
n Capes is a
story that brings us together again.
            I didn’t
think that a comic called “Apes ’n’ Capes”
would make me cry. About a month ago,
I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Every day is a struggle between
crippling lows and ambitious highs. And that, my friends, is what Apes ’n’ Capes is all about.
            You aren’t
a dumb fat monkey in a tree, lying down and waiting to die. You evolved from a
complicated line of organic life that started before even MEMORY existed. You
know silver-back gorillas? Those aggressive pu...
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Wonderland 34

Calie and Dark Cheshire enter the mountains of Rime and Rune in search for the Antipathies, a powerful trio that must be cured of their madness. After finding and healing them, they lead Calie to the Well of Dreams. Meanwhile, a mysterious Realm Knight named the Squire fends off an incorporeal evil called Terror, who infects the dreams of Wonderland’s denizens. But how long can she stop this dark force without the White Queen’s help?

In this issue of Wonderland, Calie Liddle has cured the Antipathies of their madness. They lead her to the Well of Dreams to gain valuable insight. Meanwhile, The Squire is facing against a powerful force of evil known only as Terror. There are dark forces at work in this land of wonder, and Calie seeks to stop them with some help from her friends.

This is a...

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