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The Tithe Vol 2

Supposed Islamic terrorists bomb three major churches in the United States. Dwayne, Jimmy, and Samantha uncover a far more nefarious plot and are forced to carry out the ultimate heist in Washington DC. Hypocrisy and prejudice reach an all-new level in the US government’s hallowed halls.

New York. San Diego. Kansas City. These three cities house churches that are all victim to deadly terrorist attacks, resulting in the deaths of thousands. A radical terrorist group takes credit for these attacks, and it seems to be 9/11 all over again. But not is all as it seems in the world of The Tithe, and the FBI trio uncovers a much more sinister conspiracy...

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The Last Contract #4

Final issue! The Man discovers the identity of the blackmailer and comes face-to-face with the consequences of his life as a hitman. 

Like my therapist always tells me, everything must come to and end. Whether that thing is me standing on top of a police station in my underwear or The Last Contract, it’s always true. Unless we’re talking about The Simpsons, that show will never end. The Man finally catches up with the people who have been making his life hell. It isn’t a happy reunion, and there’s plenty of gunshots and blood for everyone. In fact, every gun in Canada is probably seen in this issue. All twenty of them. as the story comes to a close, I am forced to confront a life without The Last Contract. I pour myself a drink and slowly weep. The world weeps with me.

I’ve menti...

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The Last Contract #3

The Man and Dillon come under attack from a hired killer whose past intertwines with the Man’s. 

Another issue of The Last Contract, another sense of satisfaction that washes over me in an effervescent glow. In this issue, The Man and his kid hostage (that he is protecting) are confronted in his hotel room by a woman with a gun from his past. Believe it or not, her goal is to kill him. Seems like just about everyone wants to kill The Man, but it seems like father time might be the first to get to him after all. The Man continues to display surprising vigor and fitness in his old age as exciting events unfold in the third issue in this series.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fantastic art contained within these pages...

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The Last Contract #2

The Man is on the run, searching for the person from his past who leaked his kill list.

I don’t have much experience killing people. In fact, I would go as far as to say that I’ve never killed anyone. This is one of the reasons that The Last Contract is so enticing to me. In it, we follow an old man as he cleans up a mess from his past. It’s a big mess. Someone has leaked his old kill list, which is described as a “phone book”. So hitmen all over are scrambling to kill everyone on that list. The Man has just saved one of those unfortunate names from being hit, and he is laying low with this person trying to get to the bottom of things. Just when he thought he was out, they pull him back in…

One thing that I really like about The Last Contract is the main character...

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Echoes Vol 1

Brian Cohn is a diagnosed schizophrenic leading a simple, uncomplicated life in Monroeville, Pennsylvania. He’s expecting his first child with his wife. When he goes to visit his estranged Alzheimer’s afflicted father on his deathbed, the dying old man confesses to being a serial killer. Now Brian is faced with discovering a horrifying new side to his father and left wondering if we ever really escape familial legacies.

Have you ever murdered someone? If you’re anything like me you probably haven’t. Unfortunately for Brian Cohn, he thinks that he just might have. When his father confesses to being a serial killer on his death bed, Brian spirals out of control into a panic that he might follow in his old man’s footsteps...

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