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A SOUND OF THUNDER Brings VALIANT’s DOCTOR MIRAGE to Life In SECOND LIVES – A Heavy Metal Concept Album Exclusively Available On Kickstarter!

A SOUND OF THUNDER Brings VALIANT’s DOCTOR MIRAGE to Life In SECOND LIVES – A Heavy Metal Concept EP Exclusively Available On Kickstarter!

Washington, DC area metal band A Sound of Thunder and award-winning comic book publisherValiant Entertainment are teaming up for “Second Lives” – an all-new EP inspired by the paranormal investigator known as Doctor Mirage!

The “Second Lives” 5-song EP is being offered exclusively via Kickstarter as a companion to A Sound of Thunder’s new album “It Was Metal.” The EP features original cover art by THE DEATH-DEFYING DOCTOR MIRAGE series artist Roberto de la Torre. Fans have until November 13th to pre-order the CD, which will be a limited numbered and autographed edition.

Doctor Mirage talks to the dead, but the only spirit Shan Fo...

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A Musical Celebration of Bestselling Author Chuck Palahniuk’s New Novella

A Musical Celebration of Bestselling Author Chuck Palahniuk’s New Novella

By the Bushwick Book Club

October 30, 2017) Bestselling author Chuck Palahniuk has written 14 novels, sold more than 5 million books in the United States, written a New York Times bestselling graphic novel and an acclaimed coloring book and had multiple books adapted for film—and now Palahniuk‘s prose will be inspiring musical performances across the country. This fall, the Bushwick Book Club will present three shows in celebration of and inspired by Palahniuk’s latest book LEGACY: AN OFF-COLOR NOVELLA FOR YOU TO COLOR. The novella, featuring colorable illustrations by Steve Morris and Mike Norton, is on sale from Dark Horse Books on November 7 and performances for LEGACY will be held in Brooklyn, Portland an...

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From the Vault: What a Week, Am I Right?

I’m turning off the nerd reviews and social criticism criticism for a few minutes here, everyone. I had a piece that I was going to do on class and money privilege being the overriding factor in most situations, and had a great example of it, but that’s… that’s not happening this week. This week we reflect and remember.

They say death visits us in threes, and it’s always three beloved figures of pop culture that are taken from us at a time. Granted, that’s merely a superstition at best, and I try my hardest to stay away from superstition, but this week it feels more real than ever. Within the space of a little over two weeks, Lemmy Kilmister, David Bowie, and Alan Rickman were taken from us by cancer, and it hardly feels real to write that.

To say that these men had a good run is an under...

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Setting the Mood…

Setting the mood can help take a good game and make it
great.  The right music, sound effects,
voices and accents, lighting, and props can all help set the mood. Doing can be
difficult depending on time and resources.
For me, music is the easiest thing to do for setting the
mood.  I have all six Star Wars movie
soundtracks plus the music from The Old Republic.  This is my standard for any Star Wars game I
run. With it being all digital, I can set up a track list and easily switch out
to the appropriate music depending on the scene or battle. I have various
soundtracks from the Lord of the Rings, Conan, Gladiator, Braveheart, plus more
for fantasy games.  I prefer orchestral
music for my fantasy games. If I’m running Shadowrun, I’ll pick some techno
music and a friend turned me onto...
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