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Note – If you see that Leelee Sobieski is at the top of a movie billing, you are 70% of the time in for something inventive if not controversial.

In this film you get a taste of just about everything. From the narration being done by talking stars in the shape of a cow (no I am not kidding), to ad driven Pokemon-esque creatures popping out of the main characters girlfriend’s ears, back and just about every major building in Moscow. Unfortunately what we don’t get is much of what you see in the posters. No the main character doesn’t have an axe, at all. He doesn’t roam roof tops (maybe once) and he doesn’t personally jack up any CGI balloon artist’s creations...

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Actually, it *WAS* a Good Day To Die Hard

When you have a beloved film franchise, every time they make a
sequel you’re just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Indiana Jones,
Alien, Terminator: the law of averages works harder against you in
Hollywood than almost anywhere else on the planet. When I first started
watching the Die Hard series, I hadn’t equated this pattern to
the franchise yet.   Now we’re into the 4th sequel since Bruce Willis
started proving his badassery in 1988 and with every upcoming sequel
announcement I wince a little. “Oh, god: still?! Ok, you’ve had a great
run so far. Is this the one that stops the money train?”  I finally had
the chance to see A Good Day To Die Hard and, as of this writing,
I have some mixed feelings about it.  The plot revolves around John
McClane (Willis) hearing his estranged son,...
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Warm Bodies

The past few years we’ve seen a surging movement in films and T.V. to capture modernized tales of the supernatural and undead, and we, the fans, can’t seem to get enough. Warm Bodies shows that the zombie sub-genre has not run out of steam yet and offers up a healthy dose of something fresh.

The premise is similar to Shaun of the Dead in that there is a bit of romance, a dash of comedy, and a light sprinkling of horror mixed with some nasty gore but with a twist. Unlike many other zombie films this movie places the zombie population as the hapless protagonists who apparently have a smattering of higher thought functions. Oh and an insatiable hunger for brains naturally...

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Hansel & Gretel Witch Hunters

This one is basically is a continuation of the Hansel & Gretel story (like all the really cool parts we missed). Worth it? For me 100% yes. Having said that, there are some things that take a bit of getting used to. Gretel drops some F bombs that are pretty unexpected for a period piece. Also the language overall is like watching A KNIGHTS TALE where they pretty much just throw down average everyday dialogue for 90 minutes. The story line is easy to figure out even before they tell you what’s going on. The film also over does it pace wise (like, take this pebble from my hand speed) especially concerning some of the fight scenes I would have rather seen slowed down 300 style.

Now, for the great stuff. The soundtrack is amazing. The opening graphics are amazing...

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Silent Hill: Revelation

As with any movie attempting to bring a video game to life, I went into Silent Hill: Revelation with an open mind.  As a fan of the Silent Hill series, I sat down to watch it with no expectations of a blockbuster.  Let’s be honest, you don’t watch a Resident Evil or Silent Hill film thinking you’ll get a piece of cinematic genius.  I just wanted what I always hope to get from these types of movies – a decent representation of reference from the source material.  All in all, I would say that Revelations did a fair job.

Before the movie even premiered, I was personally excited just based on the casting.  I felt that Adelaine Clemens was a good choice for Heather, and it was proven by the end of the movie...

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