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Indiegogo Spotlight: Paperstreet Publishing Jump Start!

Indiegogo Spotlight - Geek-o-Rama

Scott ‘Doc’ Vaughn has teamed up with Mike DeBalfo to create PAPERSTREET ENTERTAINMENT, LLC (Paperstreetent.com) to publish their ideas and art as comics, books and more! They’ve been drawing comic books and illustrations for years and are excited as vampires at a slumber party to bring their own ideas to the forefront and begin a new publishing company! Among their initial launch material are the novels that Scott has written over the years (including the popular WARBIRDS OF MARS) which Paperstreet will finally publish as well as new works they have in-production. It’s an amazing opportunity for them to get their personal works completed at last and to publish the projects they’re passionate about...

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C2E2 Con Recap – Day 1

Oh what a con! Wouldn’t that be the teaser of a lifetime? I could just say that and leave you to wonder what I mean…but you guys know me and know that I love to tell you about amazing, so amazing, here we come!

Any con always starts out with travel and C2E2 is no exception! This year, my con weekend started out at 4:15am (Chicago time) on Friday. My things were already in the van, so it was get up, get dressed and head out the door. Traffic was good, with the usual Chicago hangups and I actually managed to make it to O’hare an hour ahead of schedule. I know you’re wondering why the heck I went to O’Hare when the convention center isn’t anywhere near there. Simple, my friends. Parking. Parking is way, way cheaper there than at any of the hotels...

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Amazon Gets into the Comic Book Exclusive Marketplace with Zenescope Art Book

Amazon, the #1 online retailer, is offering an exclusive Zenescope Art book to its customers, which is available for pre-order now.
The art book, entitled The Art of Zenescope Limited Edition (Volume 1)
will be released in September and will feature a plethora of the most
sought after, limited edition, convention exclusives. The hardcover
collection will also come with a limited edition print.
Entertainment is well known in the comic book industry for their
popular, and valuable convention exclusives that feature pin-up style
artwork from some of the finest cover artists in the industry, including
J. Scott Campbell, Eric “Ebas” Basaldua, Greg Horn, Ale Garza, Jamie
Tyndall, Anthony Spay, Franchesco and Nei Ruffino to name a few. These
exclusives have a strong r...
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Big Dog Ink Teams Up With Wayne Gardiner to Bring Fans More Knightingail

Big Dog Ink and Knightingail comic creator/writer/producer Wayne Gardiner are overjoyed to announce that the Knightingail saga will be returning to Big Dog Ink this Summer! The all-ages, fantasy-adventure comic book Knightingail: Shadow Divisions will be available in comic book stores nationwide beginning July 2013 and will continue as a 6-issue monthly mini-series.

Suitable for fans young and old, Knightingail: Shadow Divisions continues to follow the adventures of Knightingail where the first mini-series volume, Knightingail: The Legend Begins, left off. In this breathtaking new series, Knightingail and her four Centurion companions must somehow find a way to unite and use their combined powers to destroy Luceus and a band of assassin warriors known as the Showdow Ravens.


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Phoenix Comicon – The Guests Never End!

Phoenix Comicon is proud to announce Steve Rude, Dave Beaty, Mike DeBalfo, Shannon Eric Denton, Eric M.Esquivel, Tony Parker, Alfred Trujillo, Andy Bohn, Ben Glendenning, Brian Augustyn, Daniel Bradford, and Denny Riccelli will be joining us for 2013.

“ We certainly are not holding out on Comic Book guests this year. We have a ton of fantastic and talented people on hand for 2013.”  Convention director Matt Solberg

Steve Rude is the co-creator of the groundbreaking Nexus comic series. Throughout his career he has won multiple awards including the Kirbyaward for best artist and many Eisner’s for artistic achievement.

Comic artist, writer and graphic designer Dave Beaty, who’s worked with BOOM Studios, Marvel and DC among others. He has produced numerous award winning illustrations.


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