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The Null Faeries Volume 1

The Null Faeries Vol 1 Cover

The volume of the Null Faeries has arrived and it is a worthy read. Is just another fairy tale? Oh, I don’t think so.

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Vindication TPB

Vindication TPB coverA crime mystery where a black man faces off with the cop that sent him to prison.

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Irena Book One: Wartime Ghetto

Irena Book One CoverThere are few books in the caliber of comic book greatness. Of those, Marvel’s John Paul II, the Killing Joke, and indy Heavyweight Messiah are simply tops. Can Irena, Book One make that distinction? It IS a superhero story after all…

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Fathom Volume 8 #2


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Sea of Stars #1

Stop what you are doing. We have a contender for the illustrious and highly sought-after status of must-have!

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