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The Freeze #1

Ray works an everyday office job until an electrical shock signifies the instant everything changes for those around him. Remember, the Girl, the Gold Watch and everything? An event like the Gold Watch freezes everyone, but not the world. Cars collide. Planes crash. Then there’s Ray.

He has a gift.

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Red Sonja Holiday Special #1

Red Sonja inexplicably sits on the ground in skins. Her flesh appears frostbitten as she is completely blue. Is she dead? As snow blows around her she seems to be alive.

Holiday Special. It isn’t a Christmas or Chanukah Special because this book is striving to attain the same heights as the Star Wars Holiday Special. How does it measure up?

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Jim Henson’s Labrynth – Under The Spell #1

Labrynth Under The Spell #1 Cover

The Eternal Tournament

Written by S.M.Vidaurri

Penciled by Sarah Webb

Lettered by Jim Campbell

En Guard!

Written by Sina Grace

Pencilled by Boya Sun

Lettered by Jim Campbell


Written and Pencilled by Michael Dialynas

Lettered by Jim Campbell

Publisher : BOOM!

Back to the eighties when all genius fantasy movies were made! (Except for that other guy that also told stories involving goblins) BOOM! takes us back to the world of 1986 Labrynth. Goblin King’s world is spreading out before us, the readers, in this anthology of three prequel stories. The series will run for 12 issues. Unlike the cover, this book centers around the supporting cast.

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Chuck’s Raw Reviews: Mr. Tatters


Chuck is a new addition to the Geek-o-Rama crew and it’s going to be one wild ride, I can already tell! Sit back and try to relax as he keeps you on the edge of your seats with his review of Lonnie Webb’s Mr. Tatters! Then, stay tuned in upcoming weeks as he introduces us to an entirely new side of the indie comic geek-o-verse.

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