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2000 AD Sci-Fi Special 2019: A Tribute to Carlos Ezquerra

Today, a must-have. Read on to see why.

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Destiny, NY Volume Two: Who I Am Now

Destiny NY vol 2 coverWhen do millennials suffer crippling mid-life crisis? Thirty.

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Paradox Girl: First Cycle TPB

ParadoxGirl-vol1-coverNearly everyone loves good time travel fiction. I’m not talking about that ST: Voyager crap where the writers can’t think of an ending, the ship blows up, and it was all a dream. Paradox Girl is real written story, smart, and within an issue or two ties up the loose ends you had forgotten or missed. It’s that smart.

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Dragonsblood #2

Dragonsblood #2 coverSigurd’s tale lives again in Dragonsblood #2. It’s a four issue miniseries. Do you need to more?

Maybe you do.

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Seed Seekers #2

Seed Seekers #2 cover

Seed Seekers continues in issue #2. Same story, but things have changed.

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