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I Draw Comics Sketchbook & Reference Guide review

It is well-known among my friends, family and peers that I have a Kickstarter addiction that I struggle with (some days are better than others).   One of the (many) fruits of my addiction yielded one of the most innovative “how to draw” books I’ve come across in a long time. Matt Marrocco, with the help of some amazing collaborators created the I Draw Comics Sketchbook & Reference Guide.

This could quickly become the new bible for any artist: from the most casual of “doodler” just looking for a hobby to artists who want to fine-tune their craft so they can get into the industry.  This moleskin book covers the most important basics: anatomy, perspective and composition...

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Kickstarter of the Week: The Wandering Owl

Editor’s Note: This week’s Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaign is a bit different. It’s not a comic book or even comic related. However, it is something close to my heart and something I believe that we should support if we can. It’s a small business. Life isn’t easy for the small businesses of the world so when one reaches out and asks for help and it’s run by good, quality people, I believe we should do what we can. So while The Wandering Owl doesn’t sell trading cards, it does sell hope. This is the little shop that could and I would love to see it turn into the little shop that did. 

Where Creativity and Spirituality Meet

Who we are

The Wandering Owl is a small metaphysical shop located at 139 N. Jackson Street in downtown Jackson Michigan...

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Kickstarter of the Week: Adam and Eve: The Complete Undead Omnibus

Hello folks!

Dan Nokes here from 21st Century Sandshark Studios with the first of 4 planned Indie a Go-Go projects for 2013!  This first one is for our critical and biggest commercial success: ADAM AND EVE BIZARRE LOVE TRIANGLE IN THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE!  This undead comedy buddy romp started out as two seperate volumes released between 2011 and 2012.

Well now, hopefully with your help and aid we will be able to compress 244 pages of original artwork from your’s truly with new bonus artwork and material into ONE VOLUME!  Yes with this campaign we are aspiring to bring ADAM AND EVE: BIZARRE LOVE TRIANGLE IN THE ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE- THE COMPLETE UNDEAD OMNIBUS to life!

So whats in it for you?!

Glad you asked!

In addition to bragging rights that you helped fund, back and show support for one...

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Emergency Kickstarter Alert: Dedd Teddy

This one just came to our attention and considering it’s based out of Detroit, Michigan and involving some of our awesome friends from Phoenix, Arizona, we couldn’t not show you! It only has 9 days left though so don’t hesitate if you want to get in on the fun. Also, in the video, Cara mentions funding of $7,000. However, that number has now been lowered to $5,000. Watch the video and if you like what you see, click this linky link here and go check them out!

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KickStarter of the Week: Amuck #1

Dren-dahl, a scientist working to help his people. Attracts the attention of deadly mercinaries, and changes the fate of his life.

Launched: Dec 8, 2012
Funding ends: Jan 7, 2013

Big Boi Comix, is an Indy comic publisher in Schaumburg, IL. Tony Holovnia and David Sanders started this company in early 2012. There have been a few different titles written already, but Amuck is the first of many titles we wish to get onto the market. Our dream is to create our own universe of characters and wide variety of stories. We have solely written, drawn and edited all the material in this book, and others. We have been working on this project for the better part of a year and a half. The contributions acquired through Kickstarter will be used to print this book, and a small portion of the contribution...

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